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117 year old Female
Last online 3 days ago
yourmom, OK
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StalkSimp77 left a comment for woof-chan
Apr 03, 20 at 7:38pm

“And no, I will not step on you either”

I swear he asks every single girl he talks too

Apr 03, 20 at 1:03am

im really sad they dont have smaller sizes so its not so expencive but this is exclusively what im asking ppl for on my b-day, lol

SenpaiSamaSan left a comment for woof-chan
Apr 01, 20 at 3:30pm

No sandwich
No getting stepped on
What about bath water?

Apr 01, 20 at 3:29pm

and no, i will not step on you either :)

Apr 01, 20 at 3:25pm

To everyone who has been getting mad at me for having short or one word responses, instead of pointing it out and making me feel bad, just dont talk to me. if i really miss you youll get the paragraph response you were looking for. im going threw my own stuff and i dont need ppl gripping, because they somehow have a right to me sending essays with each response. im barely on here but i try to be on at least once a day. i leave quickly because no one is active when i am. my one word or short answers are because of lac of conversation. how do i respond to "some other time" other than "ok"? Or when the last thing you said to me is "oh" so i say "lol" because idk wtf to say. id rather not hear excuses on why you cant respond with more that a work but i cant. i didnt ask why, nor do i care. i have problems too just like everyone else. if youre human, youve got issues. some are worse than others but you should never act like you are somehow in a worse boat than someone else for the soul reason that you dont actually know. problems arent there to one up someone. to get mad because i was tired of being shit on when all ive been is nice, is so childish. so yes, i stand behind saying that. stop getting mad that i spoke my mind. and no, to answer the question that has come up countless times when i DO speak my mind, i will not go make you a sandwich.

<teddy>~temposenpai~ Oki making sure your alive
Mar 31, 20 at 3:59am

omg i just found an old video of me doing an ahegao face from like 2017 and i... ohh myyyyy lmao im laughing sooo hard

Ghost Post it
Comradeエンキ Post it(*´∀`)~♥
[DERP] Charles *everyone goes to jail*
Mar 27, 20 at 1:52am

would anyone want to do a duet with me singing Aoi Shiori by Galileo Galilei? im realllly bored.

Mar 26, 20 at 10:09pm

new instagram, again .-.


i just got ghosted by the guy i was talking to so im 100% back on the market again ;)
(keep in mind im under 18, thanks :)

just think.. if all my friends from this website followed me, id have... over 500 followers?.. not sure..

[DERP] Solid_snake95 I enjoy memes so I followed xD
Mar 26, 20 at 7:32pm

my insta got disabled again ;-;
im so mad rn

Mar 26, 20 at 4:09am

should i post any of these on my ig?.. :3

Ghost 1,3, and 5 on your ig
Nishmo Yeah, agreed with Dagger. 3, 5, 6.