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What underrated anime or manga deserves a sequel?


I know that this has been asked a thousand times but I'm going to act a thousand times over the other thousand. It's 2019 and I feel like there has been a lot of good anime to come out of 2018 and double for the manga that are created. So I wonder what kind of manga or anime deserves a sequel as we already got enough seasons for anime like Tokyo ghoul and one piece and Naruto and Dragonball Z but what about those anime that are under looked and underappreciated? this is coming from a otaku that loves old school anime and loves anime plus I love anime that is considered an underdog compared to the other anime that you see that would get more popular in any anime that holds a candle stick to my hero academia and Dragon Ball Z Plus other anime like Sailor Moon and one piece. Seriously I could watch anime that came before the enemy that we see now and even read old school manga that surpassed manga sand Chronicles And rosario vampire. So tell me what is your favorite underdog anime or manga that deserves a sequel or even a chance to be in anime?


One punch man is finally getting a second season. Now I can finally die in peace....


Spice and Wolf season 3 pls


Daily lives of highschool boys and Love Lab are the first thing that comes to mind. Some real closure on School Rumble would be appreciated too. (I want my Harima x Eri ship to be confirmed and not just implied damn it!)


Legend of the Legendary Heroes Season 2


I need a season 2 of Ouran High School Host Club.


Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro needs a sequel

And Soul Eater needs a remake.


Redline needs a anime


koe no katachi should have gotten an anime, not a movie
the movie misses a lot of elements and details from the manga, so parts of the movie feel incomplete

super sonico needs a season two

tokyo ghoul needs a continuation of the story, ichika as the MC as she battles the orphans

fourth season of yuru yuri (I NEED MOOOOAAARRRR)

and its not technically an anime, but a continuation of air bender would be nice
the next cycle would be an earth bender, which how legend of korra ended with the earth kingdom in shambles, it would be the perfect way to continue the story
(i may or may not have a fanfic about this very topic)

edit: shit your right, love lab needs a new season too!!

@doppleman, have you forgot the moe dribble of a remake it was given.....?
please, some legends needn't be resurrection, though i do feel your pain


the reboot

is nothing like the original


Oreshura definitely needs a second season.

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