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Real relationship advice

Dec 18, 18 at 12:06am
This account has been suspended.
I would add to this people who are very similar to what PK describes but have that affection towards you. These people may go too far in the emotional / manipulation side as they want that feeling of being loved or just noticed. I personally have experience of this kind of person and I want to warn others to be carefull. Emotional people can be ok for partners but if that behavior goes too far it will wear you down a lot and it is not healthy for the connection between you two. These people will not understand the basic level of respect and clear mind when things go against their will in a situation and they let those emotions run amok. They might regret it happening or not but what is important to realise is that it will happen again. It is up to you to determine if you're ok with it. They might also trap you in to the relationship by making you feel quilty of leaving them behind or disagreeing them. And these people are not grown up / worth it at that point. They need to learn and experience things not going their way for them to change. And that is again up to you if you want to be that someone who puts that effort in to make them realise. Problem is that you are not quaranteed to be able to do this. I was not, as the lack of respect was too much for me. Think carefully if you recognise these people in your life. Every person is their own unique mix of things which is why dating and getting in to relationships should be taken carefully. Get to know the person and see where the boundaries are a bit. Say no when you feel like it and agree also at times to keep harmony. It is a balancing act and full of compromises. For some more than to others. Do not rush. Thus you will learn the person and see who they really are in the long run, before you commit for life for that right one.
Don't look for a relationship/a date just because you are lonely. You will probably still feel lonely if you have no idea ur purpose of life....Don't get attached to people you can converse with too quickly.You don't know their true-selves. Even those seemingly weak people can manipulate/brainwash you in their specific ways for example threats of suicide.
Also people who have real photos of themselves aren't more trustworthy than people who don't post those in public.
Hate, annoyed, not interested, neutral, friendly, interested, attraction, desire, care, affection and love are in a scale. Each is at a different level of emotion towards others. Not sure if I put them in the right order plus if I am missing some but that is close to how it goes from bad to good. This scale of terms shows the level and importance of words. When you are dealing with people try to learn and use the correct ones. Do not just say hate or love. Those are very strong expressions and we rarely have them. Only for a few people actually and the rest are somewhere in between them. We all use them wrong at times but remember the power of those words as for someone the word has the correct level of meaning from that scale. Problems rise up from interpretations and uses of these words so communication is important to understand each other. Be open about what you think and how you feel. And for the lovely gender. When we men say that we were not really thinking anything or it is not a big deal. Well we actually might mean it. Sometimes we don't really care or have a blank mind or a stupid thought that is fine to be left drifting away. And for guys and girls too, be real with the other person and say what is on your mind/bothering you if that is the case. Do not close up as someone, who cares about you, wants to know how you are feeling. And if they ignore your statements after they ask them, then think well and through if that person is ok for you. Banter between you two can be there but those real moments need to be also.
Dec 18, 18 at 2:58am
This account has been suspended.
Dec 18, 18 at 6:59am
I wouldn't mind being used a bit... But yeah it just ends up hurting more later.
At times,you cannot even trust people you meet in real life(some people are good at creating "masks").However,those actually nice and considerate people do have some shared traits whether they are online or not :D...
You all sound like you're projecting... Who hurt you?
Don't know how much this is worth coming from someone single but being in a relationship isn't an obligation and you shouldn't feel bad because you are single and you are not a lesser person for that. Don't be those people that desperately get into a new relationship as soon as the previous one is over. Don't stalk your ex's social media to find out if they are better without you. You're only hurting yourself.
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