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I bought tickets to Japan!

Nov 26, 18 at 9:47pm

Hello! It was my birthday last Saturday and my friends told me it was on sale for $400 round trip from my area, so I decided to treat myself & pulled the trigger! I'm going to be staying mostly in Osaka and Tokyo some time in March.

Does anyone have suggestions/tips for my travels? I'm super excited.

Nov 26, 18 at 10:01pm

Osaka! That's actually where I wanted to stay, but my trip was canceled.

Lets see, here's a really useful youtube channel for learning different customs and how not to embarrass yourself or be an obnoxious gaijin over there. Starting with the most relevant video. (There's an entire playlist dedicated to travel tips and generally getting by there.)

Because as you may guess, there are a lot of sociological differences.

Also bare in mind:
1: Get used to standing. You will be standing and or walking 90% of the trip.
2: You might want to get vaccinated for all the local sicknesses there and stuff, because the bacteria in that country will want to kill you. Bring your own water, if possible.
3: You will need to buy your own electronic stuff when you get there, because reasons. (Don't want anything to blow up.)
4: If a woman wearing a surgical mask asks you if she's pretty, it is imperative that you answer "So so", then capitalize on her confusion and GTFO!
5: I recommend checking out a lot of the temples, shrines, and bamboo forests in kyoto, but I'm a culture nerd, so I digress.
6: Make a day trip out to Osaka if you can. Lot of cool things out there.
7: Make sure you check carefully to see if your medications are even legal in the country.

Nov 26, 18 at 10:56pm

(rachel is great)

also visit a proper cat cafe
they also have owl cafes and small animal cafes (dont mix the two!)
also squirrel cafe apparently

send souvenirs for everyone too

Nov 26, 18 at 10:59pm

Yeah, Rachel and Jun are my favorite internet couple. I REALLY want to go to that fox village. Then again, any animal village is great. I remember there being this deer village where the deer will come right up to you, then bow, then expect to be fed. They aren't trained, or anything. They just kinda picked that up over the years.

Nov 26, 18 at 11:10pm

Found it.

Nov 26, 18 at 11:56pm
This account has been suspended.
Nov 27, 18 at 12:15am

Icoca and Google map!

Nov 27, 18 at 12:16am

Also you will have lots of coins...

Nov 27, 18 at 1:56am

If you don't take your shoes off before entering a person's home then you will incur the wrath of the samurai and have to go on a quest battling several foes and a final boss before you will be able to make it home.

Nov 27, 18 at 12:22pm

Sweet suggestions! Thanks to all! I think I’m good on the mannerisms since I’m Asian and a lot of them carry over :P

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