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Most annoying anime?

Nov 19, 18 at 4:54pm

I mainly wanted to get this topic out there because of an anime what I found was really irritating but cant remember the name of lol. Its about a girl with blonde hair who lives with monsters with Frankenstein being her dad I think and her older sister was constantly invisible. The mansion they lived in was also really weird lol. Anyway I hated the anime because the mc's girl voice was SO ANNOYING that I couldn't watch too many episodes. Not to mention while I like weird anime this was way too much even for me lol.


Black Clover.
I did not though I would find a character more annoying than Naruto. Asta screams 100x more often than Naruto, he's a pain. The anime is fine though.

Nov 19, 18 at 5:03pm

The jar jar binks of anime? I would have to say zankyou no terror. Annoying bad anime in my opinion

CAC commented on Most annoying anime?
Nov 19, 18 at 5:06pm


Nov 23, 18 at 6:53pm

Peach Girl

Nov 23, 18 at 11:29pm

Throw a dart on a list of any of the major Shonen Jump series',or go with CAC, because I agree... Inuyasha is weeab trash kicked up to 11.

Dec 06, 18 at 3:22am

The anime you mentioned that you can't remember the name of is probably Frankenstein family, It was recently added onto crunchyroll on the fall season.

Dec 07, 18 at 6:38am

"Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai"

Dec 07, 18 at 7:09am

I can't remember an anime that would really annoy me, but I watched a review of Sukitte Ii na yo and it looked like it would annoy me.

Dec 07, 18 at 12:04pm

Black Clover

*Cues Vietnam Flashback of Astas screams*

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