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What was the one anime that made you a fan?

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I know that we all like anime and I know that we all like manga but what was the one anime that made you a fan of animation. Mine was Samurai Champloo as the art style was truly amazing and different from any other plus the music in the background made it even more perfect. What about you guys and girls?


Manga: Dragonball, I started working at 12 yo to buy all the tomes.
Anime: Teen Titans. I know its not realz anime, but that's how I started looking for anime.

Oct 12, 18 at 3:15pm

I was reading manga before I hit anime, but dragon ball z kai was the show that brought me into anime. Thank you Nicktoons for showing that on TV XD for the better or worse

Oct 17, 18 at 2:06am

To he honest... This is a very embarrassing confession, but one time I was at my cousins house, the friend of her sister and her sister (my other cousin) watched "ah megami sama" the one from 1992 or 1993 I think, I was probably really young, I loved the theme and watched it pretending to not like it cause it was a girls show...

Sigh* that got me hooked up on romance anime


Watching sailor moon and dbz on toonami when I was a kid is what got me started.


I think it might have been pokemon. The oldest one. Like I remember liking anime back before that, but pokemon is what truly got me hooked on them Japanese Cartoons. Then Cardcaptors happened, and at the age of 10, I was completely turned into a moe obsessed Otaku. But since my friends hated that show in particular, I was very in the closet about it. Oh Sakura, if only I knew what waifuism was back then. But I'm an adult, tastes have changed, I've seen a million animes, and have grown to love the real world as well.


@Cherryblossom: Darn, you took my answer. But yes, Toonami was, and still is, amazing. Got me hooked big time.


When i was a kod it outlaw star on adult swim when i was a kid

Nov 09, 18 at 6:15am

I think what finally made me look into anime was Neon Genesis Evangelion.


Sword Art Online was the anime that made me decide to watch more and read more too!

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