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Learning japanese

Jan 10, 19 at 5:54pm
And also if you want Japanese people to understand your Japanese writing then you need to learn kanjis too.
1.Use srs flashcards called 'Anki' 2. Download a vocab deck 3. Use it 10min a day 4. Learn words (combo kanji)
The HelloTalk app can be useful, even by finding honest friends in Japan to guide you and/or teach you. But, be cautious when meeting them.
Having some Japanese penpals will be rather beneficial after you can write to them in Japanese (complicated grammars and big words aren't necessary).
Aug 28, 22 at 7:48am
This is how japan dypicts a typical class of a Japanese girl teaching Japanese to foreigners like us: https://youtu.be/hT-J7PtOYuE
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Oct 05, 22 at 11:17pm
I just started learning hiragana and well got most of it just about to jump Into katakana I'm excited to be honest
Alex Adler has written a good book about kanji. The World Of Kanji. It is based on etymological meaning and quite good. If you want to learn a language, do it wholesome. Reading, writing, speaking, listening etc.
Oct 29, 22 at 9:15pm
Learn your kanji radicals first. This will make recognizing kanjis a lot easier as you can identify the building blocks of all kanjis. However sometimes radicals can be somewhat misleading as they don't always pertain to the actual meaning. It will help you recognize/remember kanjis easier for sure though.
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