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Oct 10, 18 at 3:05pm

So i've recently finished learning hiragana and im moving on to katakana, but what i wanna know is do i really have to learn kanji afterwards?Everyone says it's extremely hard and that no matter how long i keep learning i will never truly master it, is it really mandatory if i wanna know how to read and speak japanese?Or can i skip it

Joji commented on Learning japanese
Oct 10, 18 at 3:29pm

Not to speak but to read yes, that is my understanding of it. And there are a lot, but not even Japanese people need to know them all to be considered literate. There are about 2000, so if you break it Into around 40 character sections, and try to learn each 40 character section 1 week a piece (I'd use flash cards personally) you could; in theory, learn all of them in 50 weeks.
Also start with, makes sense to follow their educational method for it
Whatever you do, be diligent, and enjoy learning.

Oct 10, 18 at 3:57pm

There are 2136 Joyou Kanji. If you know that many you can read roughly 90% the language. But names and some less used Kanjis that do pop up are not covered through it.

Oct 10, 18 at 4:03pm

The other 863 Kanji used for names are the Jinmeiyou Kanji. So if you know roughly 3,000 kanji which is both Jouyou and Jinmeiyou combined you can read 99% of the language and understand people's names as well.

Nov 14, 18 at 2:54pm

Dec 04, 18 at 10:14am

You don't have to learn Kanji to speak but you do if you want to be able to read.. Don't listen to what everyone says, some people actually find it pretty easy, it all just depends on the person and even if you don't master it, you can learn ENOUGH to be functional.

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