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Might go to Japan

Sep 24, 18 at 7:55pm

My father is considering buying a ticket to Japan for me, at the moment it sounded like a good idea since it'll be my first trip travelling abroad by myself and I thought hurr hurr 'I wIlL bE a InDePeNdeNt WyMaN111111!!!' I wanted to go for November, since it's fairly cheap on cheapoair (being 520~ or 600 dollars tops). The only thing I'm afraid of is the language barrier- even as a weaboo, I fully understand there won't be subtitles near the bottom of the screen. I heard Japan is fairly accommodating towards tourists, but I still have my lingering doubts. Secondly, the possibly the japanese might be highly xenophobic towards someone like me, doesn't settle right in my stomach. I'm half black and half hispanic so, I'm not sure if would feel welcomed in certain settings. Otherwise, I feel somewhat confident I might be able to move around, awkwardly. I might pick up a lonely planet phrasebook of basic japanese so I point and say -I wants that- and I think I've done a decent job of scheduling and planning the whole week I'll be there. All I'm worrying about is the money, besides that, my fears mostly resides with feeling outed or being seen as some kind of pest. Any who, does anyone have any solid advice for a first timer?


Don't worry.The Japanese are quite friendly and helpful to foreign tourists.Google Map!!!!!
Learn how to use chopsticks :D

Sep 25, 18 at 1:02am

No real advice here, but good luck there.

I'm able to get lost in my own small city, so that would be my only worry there lol. Plan ahead and google map like enki said.

Enjoy it :)

Sep 25, 18 at 5:19am

enki, you might be right, but japanese people are afraid of black people, or at least people who are over 40.

Baka commented on Might go to Japan
Sep 25, 18 at 9:14am

Seems hit or miss if you’re black.. younger ppl probably chill but older probably racist af

Sep 25, 18 at 11:35am

I wish I could go alone, but hate how overprotective my parents and big sister are, especially my mother. Although I am old enough, another problem is the flight price and either hotel, ryokan or a friend's place to stay feel challenging to search for. Airbnb and Uber are both banned in Japan as well I heard.

Sep 25, 18 at 6:09pm

Pretty sure airbnb is chill in japan

Sep 25, 18 at 6:29pm

Yeah, I guess more of the cool kids (people who aren't boomers) might be more welcoming. At the moment I'm crunching numbers to make sure I have enough money on me, and emergency funds too.

Oct 08, 18 at 4:01am

The last time I was in Japan was when I was 12 which was 14 years ago(Wow I feel old now) to visit family. It was really magical and Japan is definitely accommodating to tourists. I'm sure you don't have to worry about anything. A lot of people are helpful over there so don't worry you'll be fine. I'm also planning a trip to Japan with a few friends. We'll probably be going in 2019 due to our jobs though. Hope the trip is fruitful!

Oct 09, 18 at 9:09am

I’m in japan now. You’ll most likely feel invisible (White af) as that’s how I feel when I’m here unless you’re at a cashier or being waited on. idk Japanese I get by using some words, numbers, phrases, pointing at stuff and a lot of shrugging. I always come here alone and go do whatever I want to here and way more accommodating to introverts here than in USA.

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