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Any story writers here?

I'm the same with my actual stories, spend all my time writing fanfiction, it's less pressure.
In writing a story on a visual novel project im working on
Apr 18, 21 at 7:11am
idk if i already commented here (and too lazy to check) but i write fanfics (one is mildly popular, too)
I write on wattpad whenever I get time.
I took a look at wattpad, but I preferred the layout on AO3, I don't like that you have to have an account to read anything either.
Hellooooo~~I'm currently writing a Fantasy Novel! It's about a Man's desperate attempt to find love, in a Post-Modern world. The Gods have descended upon humanity, bringing the world back into the dark ages, in the attempt to "reset" humanity, in hopes of helping them go down a less destructive path. The MC's path is arduous, and wrought with many challenges, as even the Gods themselves seem keen on stopping him. What he seeks is the promises of love and power, from one proclaiming to be a Goddess, herself. What Fantasy Genre could I consider this?
Apr 01, 22 at 3:19pm
hi. ! like to write even though ! never get far with them. or the fact my grammar usually sucks when typing on a phone. my major weakness is coming up with characters and turning plot points into a story of some kind. i do have some stuff done really small stuff. but some is better then none
i was thinking of making a webnovel
Apr 20, 22 at 2:44pm
Oh wahat about?
I love to write and read. I write mainly fanfiction over the following franchises. 1. Sonic The Hedgeghog 2. Dragon Ball 3. Naruto 4. YU-GI-OH (mainly GX) I have been wanting to make a book about my own furry oc. (my acc is based off him.) However I have been a bit hestiant to this due to certain thingss.
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