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Any story writers here?

I know that some of us are able to write stories and some of us love to read stories but right now I'm looking for people that like to write stories as I am a writer on Wattpad hoping to see if there is any writers here as well.
I'm a writer, even published a book and currently writing another.
I study scriptwriting
@sakuragozen you should share the fruits of your labor. Interested on what you wrote. I am a writer but all my stories are in notebooks. I should type them up and post one day.
Sep 01, 18 at 7:54pm
I've wrote a few short stories here and there over the years.
Script writer here
@pocketto I'll definitely consider sharing here, after I've been on this site a bit longer first.
I am a story writer. I have 2 books published and working on a 3rd.
I'm a fanfiction writer, which means that I prefer to take universes and characters that are made and owned by somebody else and put them into my own settings with my own events. So obviously I don't have any published books since I don't own any copyright liscences, but I do have an account on Fanfiction.net to which I have uploaded some of my masterpieces. I can give links through DM if someone is interested.
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