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Yuri on ice is/was overrated?


So i just finished the show, i went into it expecting yaoi garbage and just pure cringy tumblr girl material
but it was genuinely good, the animation truly captured the grace of real life ice skating and all the drama and serious plot points were handeled very realistically without clichés, and all the yaoi stuff wasn't too on the nose it was actually pretty cute, i don't know why people call it the gayest thing that has gayed this gay earth
however it was nowhere near as good as all the fans hyped it up to be, i just can't help but feel like there were many other animes that deserved all the praise that this one got, especially the fucking crunchy roll anime awards like ffs it should've been re:zero or mob psycho 100
i know that probably no one talks about this show anymore but i wanna hear your thoughts on it

Aug 27, 18 at 6:02pm

I'm sorry I just bursted out laughing at: "The gayest thing that has gayed this gay earth".
I've never seen that before, holy fuck that's funny
omg. i laughed so hard.

i've not watched the show but i'd kinda think the same of the show. if i'm gonna watch it, i'm gonna expect it to be yaoi garbage and pure cringy tumblr girl material.
most of these kinds of shows are overrated and are only for the shitty gifs that you see spammed everywhere
(take konosuba for one)

Aug 27, 18 at 6:52pm

Ye lol i couldn't go by one day without seeing someone sucking the show's dick back in 2016, glad that's over now

Aug 27, 18 at 7:02pm

My ex gf's little sister always hated anime and talked shit about it till she watched Yuri on Ice, lol. She was obsessed with it. I think she was 14 when it came out. (she also loves kpop and is mostly gay except for kpop idols just like her big sis).

(p.s. I dated her older sis when she was 18 but she broke up with me for another guy who fucked her for a week and dumped her for her best friend. Then she dated another guy and a girl in a threesome relationship who also fucked her over. Now she doesnt really like sex and is mostly into girls except for kpop idols and androgynous asian boys).

Aug 27, 18 at 7:25pm

And that, gentlemen is the yuri on ice fandom in a nutshell
Sorry for what happened to you, thots gonna thot

Jan 06, 19 at 4:40pm

I watched it out of curiousity and I must admit, I liked it.. it´s a good anime.. not one of my favourites, but still nice to watch^^

Jan 06, 19 at 5:45pm

yoi was good other than the performances. it was bad but it felt too long.

Jan 06, 19 at 6:23pm

When it came out the only thing I remember about it was not the hype but how people were expecting it to be about lesbians. I didn't give it too much attention until a friend recommended it to me. It's an ok anime. It has some nice music, good animation and some of the costumes are really pretty. I thought it was getting repetitive after a while but it's really cool how they all make mistakes while skating until they just stop slipping and falling and you realize you are witnessing their improvement.

I felt like Viktor was a bad character though. Everyone just orbits around him and he's not doing much except being happy. Everyone wants his approval, everyone looks up to him but 95% of the time he's just smiling or laughing.

Jan 07, 19 at 6:19am

people who call it "the gayest thing that has gayed this gay earth" havent seen the anime, because its never even stated that theyr dating or have any relationship that isnt coach and athlete
its painfully obvious that they are in gay love, but its never stated
a real cop out
it was a great anime, but not better then mob psycho

sure you can argue their different anime, but the storytelling and animation are in two different leagues

was it overrated? by the fans, yes
i think most people knew it wasnt the best anime on the earth, but the fans were just too die hard

dont mess with fujoshi's

Jan 07, 19 at 3:04pm

Yeah fujoshis are fucking vicious

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