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Teaching Japanese

Aug 14, 18 at 10:27am

Hi everyone!
If anyone is interested and has questions about Japanese, please feel free to ask me!
I am fluent in Japanese and English so maybe I can help everyone learn Japanese!

Feel free to comment on this topic or even DM me. Add me too if you'd like!

Aug 14, 18 at 5:52pm

:O i really want to learn Japanese! i’ve picked up a few words from watching lots of anime and japanese shows but i want to be fluent :p

Eclairr commented on Teaching Japanese
Aug 14, 18 at 6:07pm

Sure!! Message me with what you would like to learn! For starters, introduce yourself to me in Japanese :)

Aug 15, 18 at 8:52am

Is japanese a flexible language, like, instead of watashi no namae wa [name], would saying watashi wa [name] be okay or is that weird? it's just that i speak a lot of languages so i get them mixed up easily. i speak fluent dutch, english, some romaji japanese (although i really never do it because it's cringy and weebish lol) but the thing is i can fluently speak any language without an accent if I've heard enough of that language (some might have heard me speak english). I also speak french, german, and I know (somewhat) how to speak in ancient greek.
anyway, the question stands. As a demonstration, I'll speak dutch, english and try to speak japanese fluently aswell? (i don't do it often and i've never had a japanese person tell me if it's good or not so i don't actually know) (whatever i just wrote)

PS: I say no accent but really I just mix up australian, english, scottish, irish, american, kiwi etc all through one another so it's not really "no accent". You don't hear my native accent though, which is the point.

PSS: I can do this with any language as long as I've heard enough of it.

. commented on Teaching Japanese
Aug 15, 18 at 9:42am
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. commented on Teaching Japanese
Aug 15, 18 at 10:35am
This account has been suspended.
Eclairr commented on Teaching Japanese
Aug 15, 18 at 10:49am

@yestotally Yes, Japanese language is very very flexible. "Watashino namae wa [name] desu", is just like saying "My name is [name]" which no one really introduce themselves in English that way. Instead, "Hi, I'm [name]." which could be said very shortly like "[Name] desu, yoroshiku!" Then when it gets a bit more advanced, there's a way to say it properly in a business situation, and also when speaking to elders. They are called "Keigo", and another level up from keigo would be "Teineigo". (I hope google shows what that means) But yeah, for your question, Japanese is a very flexible language and once you get the hang of it, it's easy! :)

I heard your verbal recording. You do not sound foreign at all! You're speaking Japanese at the right tone and the accent is very Japanese native sounding. You're really good at it!

Eclairr commented on Teaching Japanese
Aug 15, 18 at 2:35pm

@pk 1.将来 is mostly used when saying "what eventually will happen" so when it's used with a verb whereas 未来 is just "Future" itself. (I hope that makes sense) For exp. "I want to be a doctor in the future" would be "将来医者になりたいです" but if it's 未来, you use it like "Let's talk about the future." like "未来の話をしましょう。" which is used as a noun.

2.正方形 directly translates as "Perfectly evenly lined shape" which would be a square, it's a more sophisticated way of saying square. A word not used towards kids but rather, in a business matter or more educated environment. 四角 is the simpler way to say it which 90% of the people would say this instead. So neither is wrong.

3. Hiraku and Aku does share the same Kanji form and also meaning. It's really preference on how you want to say it and how you want to read it. In my opinion, I'd use hiraku because there arn't really similar words to it which wouldn't be misheard for something else.

I hope this answers your questions :)

Sep 01, 18 at 1:53pm

thank you!
i might've been a bit late in responding, however.
sorry :S
i just forget in what threads i write sometimes

sephiva commented on Teaching Japanese
Sep 19, 18 at 2:23am

I am currently learning Japanese but I seem to have trouble retaining it. I know most of my hiragana, some katakana and starting to recognize Kanji a little. Not sure how many words I have retained tho. Japanese is super hard to learn! Anyone got some advice?

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