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25 year old Female
Last online almost 6 years ago
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Nov 26, 18 at 8:15am
How is the coffee today? Got to love the Dunkin!
coby18 @coby18 left a comment for leyleyanime
Aug 25, 18 at 10:02pm
I thought it was ok, it's also the same not really a "scary movie" xD I enjoyed watching it and they did a good job on how everyone was quiet for most of the movie lol It is worth catching it on a rent if you get the chance ^^
ahhh my first actual love >.< it was serious. we were together for 5 years. at first our relationship was a very romantic one, but over the years we just lost our spark ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it was a mutual breakup, but it was a lot more devastating than i had originally thought it would be. i got over it in time, but it took longer than any other relationship. i don’t regret anything, sure maybe some of the stupid fights we had. i still talk to him to this day, and of course i still love him. i feel that the love i have for him now is different though. it’s a more friendly type of love. he’s a good person, but i don’t know if i’d date him again. things happen for a reason. we didn’t end on bad terms, but still it took me around a year to get over him. my heart is breaking for your friend. heartbreaks are the worst
yess! i think that’s a great point, we want men who have those alpha traits. who can take charge and be decisive when necessary :p there’s definitely confusion between being a jerk and being an alpha guy.