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Girls only like jerks (stop using this excuse, grow a pair and read on)

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This is kind of a rant due to a conversation I had earlier

I get so embarrassed for any guy that says this, I mean seriously grow a pair... what women generally want are some Alpha traits there is a big BIG difference from Alpha traits and Jerk traits. I know so many men that still live in their parents house, rarely go out and then complain when the do not receive the result, that they are not working towards.

I see a lot of guys who lack any confidence and say... I am just not a confident person.... well guess what confidence is a skill, and its a skill ONLY YOU CAN TEACH YOU... go out talk to a girl, talk to a lot of them. I dont mean go and try and get a date right away (though thats OK to if you want) but just learn to talk to them, learn the body language and the signals.... its not like women are some kind of freaking magical unicorn that if one rejects you then bye bye all magical unicorns forever.... they are just another person, and they could be just as nervous as you.

Work on your posture, dont slump over like your a crippled preteen, do some pushups, some bodyweight squats, develop a confident body to support a confident mind

Confidence is huge... and confidence like women is also not some magical unicorn, it is attainable

Style, I appreciate mens style, and most successful people do. I do not mean you need to spend an entire months rent on clothing, but make sure your clothing fits appropriately and make sure it matches your body style, nothing to loose, nothing to tight, get a danged pair of decent shoes and match it to your wardrobe specifically to your belt

STOP BEING AFRAID OF DIFFICULT THINGS....... Every single month I try to find something I suck at, and then I say I am gonna get GOOD at this, the human species evolved through struggle and its through struggle we grow, on top of this.... it allows us to devlop our skills/knowledge/etc allowing us to become a MORE INTERESTING PERSON and EXTREMELY CONFIDENT

Work on being a better, kinder person. Now OK this is not something that is immediately apparent to a woman you may or may not be interested in, but its the right thing to do and it may help keep a good woman with you. But if you are gonna be a better kinder person you need to work on.....

CONSISTENCY You cannot be kind on minute, or to one person then a jerk the next minute, or to another person. Build Kindness into your character, accept that it may be a struggle at times and dont confuse your own weakness for kindness, I dont mean dont stand up for your self, or act weakly you must consider this

Consistency also means never allowing failure to stop you, girl rejects you OK great, I failed and I feel it. I guess that means I am still alive I am so thankful for the pain of rejection it reminds me I will be able to try again

I am gonna edit this at a later point but to anyone that has ever used the girls like jerks excuse... stop being so lazy, fix yourself, and get results

Jul 17, 17 at 2:22am

Real talk.

I'll admit that I used to be a bit of this kind of person until I got my shit together mentally. Though, realistically, there are some girls/women who do prefer that "bad boy" kind of guy just as some guys who want that "slim" or "sexy" girl/woman.

Gonta Cheeto
Jul 17, 17 at 5:10am

You left out the chapter on mind games for younger ones.


haha i love this


Women do find confidence an attractive trait, but there aren't a lot of confident nice guys to go around. "Normie" women at least would rather date the confident asshole in hopes of converting him into a nicer guy then dating the unconfident nice guy from the get go.

To me @vapor_wave's situation in the other thread with the girl whom he had a crush on a few years ago who shot him down and then decided to date Mr. Long John Silver and pop out two kids only to have him cheat on her is a perfect example of this. Rarely does the ass hole to nice guy conversion experiment work and women pay the price with generally at best, a few year shitty relationship that ends in a bad break up, or even worse, a kid(s) being involved too.

Jul 17, 17 at 5:02pm

Why do guys think girls are weird complicated out of this world creatures


It comes from a lack of confidence and understanding, but wait.... you mean ladies are not born out of unicorn farts?

LOL seriously its an issue, I have female friends we hang we chill, and I just totally call them dude. I understand why people overcomplicate things though, its just really not needed.

I mean snap, I think people really wreck there own performance by letting their imaginations create movies of rejection and then the planet eplodes lol


im honestly dont understand guys either, theyr complicated in how simple they are


Everybody is complicated lol, and IMO guys can be just as complicated in similar ways.

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Jul 17, 17 at 5:49pm
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