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Long Destance?

Love works in mysterious ways as never know when it will pop up behind you or in a crowd of people plus miles away from you what are your thoughts on long distance relationships.
Long distance relationship will only work out of you have the time and will to tend to the relationship. Meaning bieng there for your significant other. Spending time. Long distance doesnt work as good as if it was irl simply because it requires more work and you paying more attention to your significant other than if you were together irl. To my expirence thats the mistake many makes. They go into it without expecting the extra work it requires and thereby the relationship usually breaks. People really need to be prepared for what they go into.
I agree
Long distance relationships are for adults that are financially responsible. Otherwise, you're just basing the relationship on hopes and dreams, rather than being realistic. If anyone who isn't financially stable and/ or is underage thinks that they're unique and the person that they love are different, and that both of you truly not only have the immense amount of loyalty and patience to only each other, but are also confidently willing to work towards being together......go for it, and you better be prepared.....but a large portion of these relationships just stay dreams due to young, clingy, or arrogant people actually finding someone (whether they're actually compatible with you or not), without taking in consideration or action as to "how" they can be with them, so instead they simply "want" to be with them, and think that that'll be enough....in my experience, people who get into long-distance relationships confuse love with lust A LOT....then, fast-forward a few months, and it'll slowly decay after a while when one or both of them realize they're in over their heads. EDIT: So yeah.....Patience, Integrity, a healthy amount of self-esteem, and Financial Responsibility are simply the prerequisites required to be with someone in a LDR.....some amount of loyalty and naivety is needed as well.....also, in some other LDR relationships that end up going south, when one person realizes it won't work out, and the other person might refuse to realize it, and use this to bloat their ego or self-esteem, thinking that they're the loyal and patient ones, proceeding the blame their now ex partner for leaving them, rather than acknowledge they both were being naive....I ain't just saying this out of experience though, it happens a lot more than people think in places like here....sometimes even "both" people just don't wanna acknowledge it won't work out, but break up anyway to try and naively find someone else online, learning nothing....
Jun 26, 18 at 12:21pm
unless you pull a pewdiepie, no.
. @vezax commented on Long Destance?
Jun 26, 18 at 12:36pm
If you pull a "yestotally" then definitely no >.> jk jk..
CAC @cac commented on Long Destance?
Jun 26, 18 at 1:07pm
Was in one once, my first gf. Yes very hard to make it work.
Jun 26, 18 at 1:37pm
How do people in LDR make it work?
I feep like people in LDR would be fine if they are able to meet up/have skype vid calls and the like. It all depends on the person and how much patience they have
. @vezax commented on Long Destance?
Jun 26, 18 at 2:57pm
^do u have lots of patience? ^_<
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