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Why did you delete me, I thought we were FRIEEEEEEEEENDS :( Lol jk I'm just playing xD I'm glad I was worthy enough to be spared from your cleanse qwq


Just cleaned my friend list for the first time since.........around 3 years ago?
If I deleted you, don't take it personally and feel free to add me back if you want.


for some reason, every time I read what you say, I do it in gowthers voice. LOL

A҉̷̴̡͘z̶̢̀ú̸͟ŗ̶̶̕͜e̸̵J͡ That's cause I used Invasion to shape your memories to make your perception of Gowther more akin to my personality

Thank you for that insight, it makes more sense now and truly makes me appreciate the series even more since it was created by young-talent who brought the whole story and characters to life. I thought this was a bigger production because of its great quality. I also forgot to mention that even though the story was based on the same concept 'the games' and finding out the darkness in people, it was done in a way that was not repetitive which is a detail in some animes that makes me lose interest fast. They kept every episode fresh and new while introducing more about the story and background of the characters.

I kept wanting to watch because I actually cared about the characters too, even the side ones who played a much smaller role. Every character had dreams, desires, and was clouded in mystery.

I only wish I didn't have to say goodbye but I will look to this series for inspiration and maybe write something that will be a similar only the gaps will be filled in hopefully.

sadjester Aaah, you watched Death Parade. Definitely one of my favourite shows.

Thanks again. Death Parade was already on my list but that picture put it on the top. Here is my feedback *spoiler alert* for those who read this and haven't seen it. I already watched all 12 episodes which weren't hard to do since each one was interesting and got me to know more about the two focusing characters Decim and Chiyuki. Regrettably, I felt the series ended way too soon, and I would have liked to have seen more progression of all the characters and story. Especially with the main characters, since they both seem to have this close bond and I would have liked to learn more about the motives of both Nona and Oculus, and got to better understand why they were evolving and changing. It doesn't seem to continue on in a manga which is a bit heartbreaking but if it was a show that ended abruptly over poor views then it's understandable. I didn't think it was that intense of a show at least to me but I did find that the dummies, the void, and the way they judge the once living to be chilling and haunting.

Overall, I know there is a lot that has yet to be discovered and it's disappointing to know that and see it be unfulfilled because even though I felt it was a diamond in the rough it really didn't get a chance to really shine.


fuuuuck yeah ill take you up on that >w>!!!

i love sharing memes
those werent my strongest either, just some random ones

tomarrow or when i have free time ill spam ya good >w>

A҉̷̴̡͘z̶̢̀ú̸͟ŗ̶̶̕͜e̸̵J͡ Fucking go for it!! Give me your worst/best >:3