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Clod started Privacy
Jun 12, 18 at 9:01pm

So when it comes to relationships and dating, how do you feel about privacy? Not in a communication sense but “having access to your Facebook” and “fingerprint to your phone” type of privacy? Would you let your SO have your info and be allowed on your stuff or would you feel suffocated/not trusted in your relationship? I like my privacy and alone time personally.

inter_change commented on Privacy
Jun 12, 18 at 11:29pm

Privacy pls. If bad breakup occurs now I have to worry about site passwords, credit card info, banking, phone, emails blah.

Enki commented on Privacy
Jun 12, 18 at 11:40pm

I like my privacy and alone time as well.
Those people don't know what boundaries are meant for.Usually,their relationship end up failures.They feel insecure,so they are immature in relationships.Moreover,those people are probably clingy and paranoid.
Compared with "stalking" their partners,having a deep conversation with their partners about their insecurities is wiser.

Jun 12, 18 at 11:54pm

I prefer having what is that type of privacy to myself. You never know how things will play out and I'm not the type to ask for that sort of information either. I like having my space and I'm sure she does too, so there is no need to do that. Obviously to some (me included) it would feel like there wasn't any trust if they asked you for that information, and trust is a big issue for alot of people.

Cero commented on Privacy
Jun 13, 18 at 12:16am


TheSailingTeacup commented on Privacy
Jun 13, 18 at 2:58am

The thing is, sometimes you vent. You say things to your friends that you only think in your head but you need to get out.

I had a situation where my ex looked at my phone just because it was going off while I was in the bathroom. My friend had text me back from way earlier that day. I had wanted to surprise him for his bday but it wasn't going as I planned and I was frustrated. He read the texts I said...and our relationship was never the same. It really sucked.

So while I want to say yeah, go ahead and look through my shit... some stuff really is private. Though if it's a situation where you feel the other is cheating....then I think you should have an honest conversation and let them look through your phone. They'll be looking for lovers anyways so your friends convo won't mean anything.

Just my two cents!

ohnoes commented on Privacy
Jun 13, 18 at 3:12am

Got nothing to hide, but my wife doesn't look anyways (neither do I).
"Things that would be found"
She knows I like porn, I know she likes porn...hmmmm...I don't talk about our problems, with others. I literally have nothing I'd be uncomfortable with her seeing or knowing. However, if it was her going out of her way to snoop, like trying to hide the fact of looking into my stuff, well, thatd be a pretty big trust issue in my book.

But, she already has access to all my stuff and I hers. Part of a successful relationship is trust and I trust her enough that though I have access to all her stuff, I will not look into it without letting her know and so far I've had absolutely no reason to, and I trust her to be the same way.

CAC commented on Privacy
Jun 13, 18 at 9:13am

I wouldn't give passwords and the such, but if they asked to see my phone or FB and such then sure.

Devon Andre commented on Privacy
Jun 13, 18 at 9:21am

Well if I had a girlfriend I wouldn't ask for all of those things unless it was necessary because if your girlfriend or boyfriend is acting shady or they're not being the same way they he or she was when you guys first started dating then you have something to worry about. With me I would want to see their Facebook or phone but sadly most girls if they are caught cheating would try to erase any in town that they are doing so and that goes double for guys as some guys would just erase all files so he does not get caught. I feel that privacy is necessary but what good is privacy if honesty is not intact. You need honesty to have privacy. Respect for respect and loyalty for loyalty.

Lamby commented on Privacy
Jun 13, 18 at 10:51am

id give my SO my passwords and shit cause i have nothing to hide, and id expect them to do the same

phone password would be mandatory (just incase i had to use it) but the other stuff isnt really needed unless i was paranoid >w> but then again if my trust was so thrown around why date them at all?

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