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Random polling. Which member will win?


Seeing two members doing two types of polls gives me a random idea with it. I'm going to create different category polls and the mo members can choose which member they want to win in each poll.
First off though does any member want to participate to be in the polls or have members they know they want to see on the polls? The first nominee on the poll to hit ten votes wins and gets bragging privileges. Keep the bragging kind.
Favorite newest boy poll
Here is the poll for Weirdest mo member.

Listen guys. This poll is a pick three poll due to so many names. So there will be three winners in this poll.
Top three MO Memester.
Manliest mo member.
Fiestiest mo member.

Members who wishes to be in poll:
Noot noot

Members who doesn't want nominated:

May 01, 18 at 6:33am
This account has been suspended.

THANKS muffin.
Sample polls I will be doing: best newest mo girl and best newest mo boy.
These two categories requires the mo member to have been here a year or less.
Weirdest mo member. Funniest mo member.
Idk many members on here so of somebody knows another member or wants to be in the poll please post here the account names. That would help with varieties. Possible future categories not yet mentioned.


PLus, if there is a type of poll yall wanna see made tell me and I'll get to it when I can. This is all for amusement and fun.


I forgot a poll. We all know there are three clans: fallen, thicc, and derps.
So....most favorite mo clan.
That will be made.


I'm going to vote for Kameiya on everyone (even the new guy one) i'm committed. *^*


LOL. *checks parts* I don't think i qualify for the best newest mo boy here.

Here's a poll that does not require need to research and wait for correct options.
Who is your favorite mo clan?
Does anybody know who would qualify for the two polls: favorite newest mo girl---favorite mo boy


Fiesty Milf is back ;A;


Who's the good boy? You are...

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