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Simple Games VS. Complicated Games


Satoru Iwata said, " king." In my opinion, I dislike complicated gaming when life is way more complicated, such as numerous notifications and meetings. VGMs help keep my gaming interest alive, and shmups usually have the easiest listening soundtracks and are simple to play except when dodging bullet curtains.


A game that's too easy rarely has any real staying power when the skill ceiling is so low and a game that's overly complicated and tough to just get into often have too high a skill floor that a lot of gamers simply can't or don't want to climb that first hurdle, it puts a lot of people off.

The sign of a great game is one that's easy for anyone to pick up and play but difficult to truly master for those who are heavily invested in the game. That's why I love a lot of old school FPS games from the 90's, they're so easy to get into and enjoy just blasting monsters away with a shotgun or rocket launcher on easy but they're incredibly tough and brutal on higher difficulties which require the player's full attention, skills and strategic play or they'll get annihilated over and over and over again. That's my silly useless opinion on video games at least :D

Jan 12, 19 at 1:25pm

A game that strikes the middle ground for me is the best.

Jan 12, 19 at 1:26pm

i dislike complicated games too, like puzzle games

they just make me frustrated and make me feel dumb

id much rather just kill shit and collect gear/coinage

judgmentoftherain commented on Simple Games VS. Complicated Games
Jan 12, 19 at 9:46pm
This account has been suspended.
Jan 12, 19 at 10:26pm

Puzzles are ok but if I'm going to be running around for 30+ minutes trying to figure it out, it's making me feel so dumb and maybe it's too complicated. In Metroid Fusion some places that you are required to go to in order to advance (not a hidden power-up) are completely hidden with no clue indicating it is there that you needed to go, like jumping through a solid wall because there was a passage way.

Or at one point there is a specific room marked on your map and it is impossible to reach because the security level on the doors are too high. You have to guess that you need to go the other side of the area and find a security room where you can unlock the doors through a computer. Those computers are not new and you have used them to unlock doors before, but when you did that, the game told you that you needed to unlock doors first. And one other time, you didn't need to unlock doors because there was a secret passageway to go around it. So I was just trying to find another hidden passageway until I got tired and check a video walkthrough.


It all depends on what you consider "simple" or "complex". If we're talking games like Frogger or Pong, I'd say that is simple, but they are also enjoyable. Some would argue the RTS games I like to play are "complex" and I suppose in many ways they are. Middle ground is fine too. Most of my favorite games are complex, but I don't really have a preference.

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