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What is the one anime that fits your personality?

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Jikko Von Satsujin
Dec 24, 17 at 3:15am

I was wondering this question for a while because I lot of people love anime but they never really talked about what anime fits their personality like that one anime that says "that could be me in another world". So if any of you have that certain anime that fits your personality comment down below.


You mean which character from which anime best matches my life and/or personality?
That would definitely be either Umino Gurio or Nephrite from Sailor Moon, since I can relate to both of their struggles with various standards of society and controversial feelings. *sigh*


Character wise, I think Kaizaki from ReLife.


I believe, Shinji from Evangelion pretty much sums my life and personality.

Relatable childhood and relationship with parents.
I like to please/impress others and afraid to cause any harm/disappoint others due to not really liking myself much.

I know this is a turn off things about me, but this is me. I have never been suicidal, alcoholic, and never conducted self-harm and physical with others. In fact, I tend to avoid any physical contact to people I do not know very well.

Feb 15, 18 at 5:44pm

probably great teacher onizuka comes to mind- the humor and style the show has fits my personality and how I carry myself irl


~Mahou Tsukai no Yome or The Ancient Magus Bride~
It's so beautiful in the color and animation, as well as the story and characters. Also super calming.
I relate to Elias and Chise a lot, mostly because they are so timid in a grand world where anything at anytime can be thrown at them - but they are still happy to be alive and live together in harmony; much like how I try to be.


ichigo from bleach or natsu from fairytail , ill do anything to protect my friends and family


chaos;head's Takumi (pre-chaos;child retcon)
Why? Because I just wanna be left alone with my figs and waifu to play videogames and watch anime all day, and not deal with 3dpd and their bullcrap.


As if anyone here doesn't know by now....

It is my favorite anime to date, a staple of my childhood if you knew me growing up, and story-wise, character-wise, and message wise I relate to it on so many levels that it is absurd.

Mar 11, 18 at 8:03am

I may not have her talent in drawing, but pretty much I think I have the same personality as Chiyo :3

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