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Representation of the male and female body in anime

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Dec 19, 17 at 3:21pm

One thing I've always found appealing about anime like Attack on Titan and Naruto, is the realistic portrayal of the human body. Females don't all have oversized breasts that are one bounce away from being hentai (obviously there are exceptions to the rule. I'm looking at you Tsunade). And men aren't all built like an 80s action hero. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with big breasts and female sexuality, or muscular men. It's just nice to watch an anime that doesn't objectify it's characters every now and again. What do you all think?


Yeah it's nice to see normal human proportions and people acting normal instead of all this stupid extra shit that ruins romantic comedies.


Wait, so I'm not the only guy who prefers human sized bewbs in anime? Cool! Now I know the girls in my visual novel are on the right track!


I always liked the artist who did the Spirit of Wonder movie-- it's a sign of talent when they don't have to go for a cheap appeal in my opinion.


If all you watch is trashy immature anime aimed at horny teenagers, you'd think that was a typical representation of the human form in anime, but it's not. Watch more genre of anime and expand your horizon. Women with triple D cups and men with body builder bodies are in the minority not majority. I do realize of course that's asking a lot of kids here who pretty much only watch anime aimed at horny teenagers. Since those anime are aimed at teens they incorporate what they think kids of that age group want to see.


I think "objectify" is the wrong word as that implies that the person is making these characters in a shape that is degrading and making them an object in a bad way. These characters are not real people and are constructions of art and mind. It's expression through the imagination of a creator. As an artist, I draw in my own style and have my own strokes and shapes used to make a base human. Art can be a hyper-exaggerated feature of something similar to reality. Even if someone made a character for pure normie fanservice it still would and could not be objectifying as it's none reality. Big boobs and butts are what avg joe young men like and really men that like so it's another reason you see it a lot in anime. It seems like an insecurity problem on your end and it seems like you want your personal ideas to be projected on the artwork. I'd be careful of this insecurity and not head down the road of "I need representation in my favorite works" I personally think this is silly and rather low but it's your view and that's all fine I just hope you find your own niche.

*Derpette* Kameiya commented on Representation of the male and female body in anime
*Derpette* Kameiya
Feb 19, 18 at 9:15am

I definitely enjoy seeing different forms of body parts. Not just one part like yall mentioned. Over sized chests as if it's the only attraction to a woman's body. Though I don't come across a lot of anime that gives a lot of muscles to the males. Most are pretty boy forms. There are the occasional packed abs on anime where males really do get those cuz the character works out. Which Is Logical IN THE Human World Too. If a human worked out thatch they would get packed too.


That's the good thing about the vast majority of shoujo and josei mangas. Both female and male body are portrayed in a much more realistic way for an Asian complexion. Though, Shonen usually have better and much more exciting contents that can sell.

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