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Would you rather be equal in pain or unequal in paradise?

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In my opinion, a society cannot be both equal and free. Your thoughts?


I think generally speaking, you're right. Even if we got rid of the issue of resources (via a Star Trek-like replication system or something) there will still be an urge in some people to rebel against a system imposed on them without their consent, which will lead to conflict.

I generally lean more toward an "equal" society, but with enough caveats to allow for individuality and dissenting voices. Japan is a very rigid, "equal" society; but there is also a lot of societal pressure that makes people feel completely outcast just for disagreeing with commonly held "norms."

I've often maintained that a fictional country that sits somewhere in between the American extreme of too many freedoms, and the Japanese extreme of too many constraints, is where I want to live.


need better context

if its paradise doesnt this assume im happy while unfree?

if so then sure, ill take paradise

Tiger Festival
Nov 06, 17 at 5:05pm

You need to go into further detail.

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on Would you rather be equal in pain or unequal in paradise?
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Nov 06, 17 at 11:09pm
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Unequal and free. 'Tis better to live like a lion for day than 100 years as a sheep.


Unequal in Paradise.


I don't think that would be paradise.


I am having a hard time understanding the meaning of the topic and some context would be really helpful. The only thing I can think of when you say unequal in paradise would be something like the world of Psycho-Pass in which a persons individuality and freedom is lost and society dictates who you are and what job you can do but on the flip-side the society is relatively peaceful. If it is something like that then hell no I do not want it at all. I can't comment on unequal and in pain though because I can't think of a possible example to draw from.

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