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Serious talk about a long term realtionship

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Well I never ask for anything. Here it goes I do need some advice here.

My boyfriend and I been dating for 3 years, our anniversary is Nov 8th 2017. It will be 4 years.

Lately he doesn't want to do anything with me or his friends, yet he does stuff with his mother. He doesn't believe in marriage as I do he doesn't like kids as I do.

He expects to date and not be married I tried to reason with him about women now and days want to be married they don't want to date just to date. Women n0w and days wants a family.

He always complains about work expects me to move in with him when he has no motive no more. I honestly don't know what to do I let things take it course but by all means I need to he happy. It being single means I am happy so be it I am 27 pretty much wasting my life away.

If we do break it off well owell I'll stay single I'm tired of the games and being hurt.

Have any of you ladies felt this way? What have you don't for comfort? Yes, sometimes he gets mentally abusive but I fight back and he drops the subject.

Sometimes I wonder if I am even worth being happy and having my own family..


Do you two have at least three things in common? Is it normal for couples to fight? If you fight now that you are in your late 20's I doubt it will stop.


What does he do with his mother, lol?


We got a lot in common, we got some dislikes which isn't the point. He complains about everything including working get depressed cuz he hates his job.

I tried to get him in the business I run and he refuses I tried to suggest what we can do with or without friends when he complains he bored he just wanna sit at home do nothing all day. Yet I had made suggestions and there really isn't anything to be depressed about. I don't know what going on with him.

He runs with his mom to everywhere takes his mom out to eat or movies yet does nothing with me at all. Then his friends ask for him to hang out eh blows them off too.


That's pretty weird. Especially hanging out with his mom.


The no kids thing is a BIG deal to me and if you can't see yourself getting over that, you'll want to have a serious discussion with him. Better yet, talk directly to him about all of these issues, if you haven't already. Best of luck. :)


It really depends on what you desire for your own future.

The first thing to ask yourself is "Am I happy right now with everything?"

No one is worth being unhappy for, to me it feels as if you were becoming resented on him for the way he is behaving, specially if he doesn't wants to do any activities with you.

The mother thing, well... That's certainly weird, maybe he just has a strong connection with her.

If he also rejects his friends and just wants to chill and do nothing out of his live, well, that is his problem, you don't really need to follow the pace he's setting, so what if you two have lots in common? it seems like the relationship isn't really working right now, moreover your future plans contradict each other, do you want to be just a "Dating partner" for all your life with him? or do you want to be a married person?

You need to have a serious mature talk with him about this all, also be prepared for the "Worst" outcome.


Thanks guys ya I have discussed it and he said we will be fine getting see him doing nothing I did give him an alutamateium by the 5 anniversary. If I see no changes im out so this is is last chance he swears he will change so last chance and call.


Not worried about the worst out come and I have had many mature talks with him we will see after our 5th ann. If changed happen if not I can't deal with this type of treatment I can't worry or stress abnout it no more I'll just stay single till I'm ready to be with a (( real man)) you know. May sound like I am giving up but reality I have had it can't take no more and i really want this to work it takes two to make things work not one person.


I can't take the world most the time I don't know how people can sleep in the same bed as someone that makes things wors on top of it.

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