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Would you kill the person above you?

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If so, add a description of how....


And you can only pray that the above person doesn't actually die in the way you describe, leaving you as the prime suspect.

Jul 26, 17 at 2:43pm

Overdose of insulin, injected into a mole (harder to find the injection site). It'll give you a heart attack and be undetectable. Looks like natural causes...heart attacks sometimes just happen...Just sayin'.

My wife was telling me this as she was practicing drawing blood from me...

Jul 26, 17 at 2:50pm

kidnap, drug, strangle, shot gun to the mouth to destroy front teeth and pull out back molars to avoid dental records, dismember, burn, buried.

if they cant identify the body, they cant pin it on anyone


I think I'll be the first to flat out say nope

Jul 26, 17 at 2:53pm

oh, what, am i not worth a death sentence?! i see how it is tony!!


Note to self... Never anger Lamby.

Nope Lamby, your smile is too cute for you to get a death sentence.

Jul 26, 17 at 3:30pm


You still left evidence. Shotguns are messy, the rest of my teeth still contain DNA, you'd have to burn until EVERYTHING is ash (There's a reason cremation is done in a furnace.). Dismemberment would leave blood all over... But, good otherwise IF you can find me.;) There's the whole "You need an alibi" thing, who was I last seen with, witnesses...etc

Jul 26, 17 at 3:46pm

and how would you inject weasley? why insulin and not a just air bubbles? both will cause an untrackable heart attack
im pretty sure if you randomly stuck someone with a needle they would call the police, and to aim perfectly for the mole would be even more difficult

id attempt to burn the teeth or keep them as a souvenir
shotguns are messy, hence why i strangled you to death so i could get a clean shot on a tarp perhaps in the woods

id dismember in the tub, easier to clean because tile
i wouldnt need to burn them to ashes, just enough so your unrecognizable
the teeth pulling would be hardiest as i have no dental training, and im pretty weak in general

honestly its best to kill someone who wont be missed, so killing someone like you isnt smart to begin with, but i gotta do what i gotta do ;P


Lol, if you really want me to I can pick you by your feet and swing you like a warhammer over my head and toss you over a ledge. Would that make you happy

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