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Why i hate male protagonists in anime

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Im not sure what it is with male protagonists but they make some dumb decisions when it comes to the girls they pick. This is more of a biased rant, but i noticed that when it comes to romance in anime i feel like the guys always make the wrong pick. Usually the girl they pick is the worst choice. For example *spoiler* in re:zero subaru chooses emilia over Rem. Rem is the perfect girl, she cares about him, she has believed in him when no one else would, stayed on his side even though she wasnt sure what he was doing, and even gave her life to save him....meanwhile EMILIA, the girl he picks. Gives up on him, avoids him, shows no faith in him, pretty much does the opposite of rem and he has died several tines for her sake. The same concept is true for noe isuragi and shinichiro from true tears. Shinichiro likes hiromi despite noe being there for him and worrying about him, meanwhile hiromi lies to him and gets mad at him (ik there is a reason for it but still)

Am i the only one who feels this way? That when it comes to romance in anime alot of the male protagonists make horrible choices?

Jul 15, 17 at 11:22am

no its true, and alot of harem animes make the guy clueless

but at the same time, how else could the anime go on? i hated subaru but i mostly blame the writers for putting so much time into Rem instead of emilia, so we fall for rem instead and dont understand why he would pick emilia

harems are ment to have a plain clueless mc so that people can put themsevles in his shoes and experience the anime that way, so when he picks someone that the anime clearly didnt make you want to love, it makes you mad


Exactly in re:zero we got literally zero reasons why subaru likes emilia. They sorta dove into how she has influenced him but it was more bad than good. Then Rem was made out to be best girl and the writer slaps us in the face. Subaru goes from lets run away together and make a family to "i love emilia"

Harem anime do have a tendency make you fall for the other characters when its clear they will almost always pick the main heroine. I just feel like sometimes its the wrong pick. They make the other girls look better then we sorta get disappointed cuz he picks the wrong girl and it feels more of like a down grade and most of the time the other girls are left with nothing at all and their life continues to be horrible.


Sticking with RE Zero as the example, it's nothing but association. It's screentime. Emilia is the princess in th last castle, and Rem is the sidekick that helps Subaru get there, so we as the viewer primarily only see the exploits of Rem, which, in turn, means that's who we as the viewer develop a bond with.

Likewise, it's also perspective. Like what lamby mentioned, the MC's are INTENTIONALLY designed to be clueless so all the male viewers can project themselves into his shoes with the idea of "God he's a fucking idiot! THIS is what I'd do..." So on the perspective of "Rem is the best girl" (and btw I liked her best too) the question is WHO'S perspective? The MC's... or the viewer? Our feelings are only based on what we see, and what we see is a fraction of what exists.

Relate it to real life. We all have friends in a relationship with someone that makes us think "Why is she/he with that person? She/he could do so much better." That's an opinion only from an outside perspective. Do we know what they talk about when they're alone? Do we know what they do for each other in the morning? Do we know what insecurities they accept in each other? Do we know what they reveal? Do we know anthing about WHY they're together? Fuck no. Because our perspective is based on our OWN feelings rather than THEIR feelings.


Sometimes an outside perspective is good to have. Say for instance someone is in an abusive relationship, obviously they like the person for a reason but from the outside perspective, whatever that reason is cannot overcome the abuse. Being blinded by love is a thing and it happens to alot of people. In subaru this is the case there are more than enough reasons to choose Rem over emilia (ofc she didnt get much screentime whether it be on puspose or not) but we saw her bad side and believe it or not...rem also has a bad side (yeah in the beginning she killed subaru several times) but this was for emilia's sake everything seems to be for emilia's sake and she doesnt even trust subaru in the least while rem blindly does. Thats the difference between the two


We wont ever know since we arent him but its just my biased opinion

Jul 15, 17 at 12:38pm

Watch a harem and all you'll see is the guy choosing the tsundere unreachable character :p. Harem animes suck though, I always thought about them as something you watch to kill time and even more if they're ecchi and shit. They make no sense tbh, whether they are reversed or not. So I, as a very monogamous person, would rather watch a single romance anime than that shit. I mean, of course it's gonna be shitty if the protagonist in every one of these animes chooses about the expected person and behaves about the same, they're bound to be a cliché and that is going to continuously disappoint.

Jul 15, 17 at 1:26pm

A small spoiler alert ********* It seems Emilia does in fact, has some inheritance with Satella, since Subaru seems to be connected to Satella it seems that his affection is an illussion thanks to the jealously of the witch *********

Sooooo... On animes in general, that's why I gave up on Harem animes, not only they portray extremely unrealistic scenarios, specially the girls falling in love with a clueless, boring, poorly developed, average looking guy out of the blue (Kirito, cough cough) but also they usually develop a girl at best and leave the bunch alone to root, as if they only existed to give a pretense that they actually have a chance with a guy.

There was an anime that I watched quite a while ago, it was about a guy who falls in love with an adopted step sister (kinda fucked up to be honest) through all the anime she's the support character, you know of her intentions and the guy blatantly picks a random girl he just met, it seems like the anime will end with those two as a bad couple but in the end no, the guy picks the adopted step sister.

Anyways, harems suck, they offer nothing of relevance.


I also think it's the girls fault in harem anime or dare I say it...even REM's fault. Sure you can't choose who you love, and often it takes time and experience to learn when to cut it off. However, you don't stand there begging and pleading to love someone. If they don't love you then say fuck them and go away. If you let them have all the good pieces of you when they've clearly say I don't like you... then it's your own damn fault. It ends up super toxic and gives people the wrong idea that you can try to force yourself to love someone ...or should love them unconditionally even if they treat you like shit.

Cynical much? Nah just venting :P ;)



Well, personally I liked Rem better too. But playing devils advocate for the author, Emilia has been through a lot in her life. She had to deal with a lot of discrimination and unjustified hate. Clearly she has problems trusting people because she can't afford too. They could be assassins or spies. That was the reason Rem killed Subaru the first couple times at Emilia's home. And don't forget that Emilia saved Subaru when he first arrived, and also died next to him. Try to imagine if that really happened to you. That's gotta create a pretty strong emotional bond for Subaru.

After all, Emilia was the original damsel in distress, and was in clear need of saving... And Subaru who probably didn't feel needed in his own world, was needed by Emilia. And being needed by someone can create pretty strong feelings too.

Lol, and lets not forget, REM did brutally kill him a few times. Emilia didn't. Rem was seriously cute, but I don't think I'd forgive a girl for murdering me just because she was cute.

Yes, male protagonist in anime always make dumb decisions. But if you think carefully about it, most of the decisions are purposely placed there to incite feeling, and build the story. And lets face it, how often do guys actually make good decisions in real life? People are clueless in general.

The heart wants what the heart wants. There's no logic, or reasoning to it. Most the time it's totally senseless and irrational. But that's love. Our hearts don't always pick the best person to fall in love with.

Clearly Subaru loves Emilia enough not to be swayed just because another girl comes along. What's wrong with being faithful to your heart and the person you love? Just cause you didn't fall for Emilia yourself doesn't mean Subaru wouldn't.

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