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Chivalry to Girl Gamers

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Jul 10, 17 at 12:06am

I've noticed that when I started to play games online, pokemon mainly, I talk to people with the microphone. When the players (usually guys) find out I'm female they want to trade me shiny and battle ready pokemon. lol.

I said this to a friend one time and she said that she gets free stuff from guys also for her games.

I was just wondering if chivalry exists in the video game world or could it be the men are being nice and/or trying to flirt?

Jul 10, 17 at 2:34pm

That is the awkward gamer equivalent of trying to get inside a girl's pants - so yeah it's their way of flirting or at least they try to but it's funny and kinda sad that they seriously think it works out for them and I'd be amazed if it actually has. Of course that's not the case all the time, there are a fair number of people who do that just to be nice. For example I like to drop useful items like humanity and stuff like that for players I invade in Dark Souls regardless of their gender before doing battle which often resolves in me dying horribly :D

Jul 10, 17 at 10:02pm

What's always funny to me when I'm playing online with a mic, is most gamers mistake me for a little kid. So to see their attitude change from "ugh, here's this little kid who thinks they know everything", to "holy crap it's a girl who actually understands this game" is always entertaining. I have a rule when playing with a mic, I won't announce I'm a girl, but if asked I'll answer honestly. Most guys do suddenly go all chivalrous but occasionally you find that guy who respects you as an equal player and you can enjoy playing the game with no gender barriers.

Jul 10, 17 at 10:08pm

I wouldn't call it chivalry for sure. It's definitely more indirect flirting. There's something about a girl that games pretty seriously that many gaming guys find attractive/desirable in a significant other. I can't say I've ever "gifted" anything to female gamers when I've played online, but I definitely see them get plenty of attention a lot of the time.

It's the same correlation to a site like this where there are disproportionate number of single men to women. Frankly, the only place I ever really see an even split of male and female anime fans are generally at conventions.


Yeah, some guy one time tried to trade me his rare Killing Floor 2 gun skin for one of my bitcoin mining machines, 8 of which are taped to my wall with 2 industrial fans blowing air into them to keep them from literally melting. I turned him down seeing as he kept asking where I lived and sending me my IP address to me via twitter DMs. Don't know how he got my twitter either but its ok!

Jul 11, 17 at 6:12pm

i always see stories of white knights, but have never experienced being put on a pedestal for my gender in a game before ;w;

Jul 11, 17 at 8:01pm

i myself will go around in mmorpg's and just give shit to random newbies sometimes when i feel like it. doesn't matter if they're a guy or a girl.

i can say from personal experience, albeit before i realized i was genderfluid, which is semi irrelevant, i would pose as a girl sometimes to get free shit a lot. and i did. i also got hit on and stalked.

this only happened in mmorpg's never in other games. and when i say mmorpg's im not talking about MOBA's such as LoL, which isn't an mmorpg, i mean stuff like tera, world of warcraft private servers, maplestory, rift, defiance, final fantasy 14

i did try to pose as a girl in ff 11 one time, and someone said that i was being silly to try to show that i had a gender at all because it was stupidly common to veterans of the game to see guys pretend to be "manthras" which is a guy playing a mithra. a mithra is a cat girl.

mind you final fantasy 11 came out in 2002 before wow. and at the time i played, much of the playerbase aside from the stupidly hardcore addicts who have 10 thousand or even 20 thousand or more hours played, know everything about the game, and much of those people are in their 30's to 50's for the most part, married, with kids, etc.

they are not stupid folk, and additionally, they are probably the nicest community i've ever seen. i've met quite a few girls on final fantasy 11, i didn't really interact with them personally, but they were also pretty much mostly 30's to 50's, everyone in that game is super cool and chill. its the best.

as a female, expect to be treated similarly as you are in reality for the most part, but that isn't to say there aren't a few guys who will treat you as an anonymous non gendered person, myself and my best friend come to mind.

i personally believe the more into the game the guy is, the less he'll try to flirt with you or anything.

although sometimes i do make sexual jokes with girls i.e. "oh my god what are you doing over there, i told you you need to stand on the pedestal not run around, why not just shove your dick in my ass and jizz all inside and make me ass pregnant"

etc etc

every human is different more or less.

Asura commented on Chivalry to Girl Gamers
Jul 12, 17 at 2:57am

Most likely not chivalry. Just guys trying to be "nice" hoping to get something in return most of the time.

In my high school days, I pretended to be a girl in online games. I received many things regarding gifts, premium upgrades and even cash via PayPal. There were a few guys who were "smart" and requested me to use a mic to "prove I'm a girl". So, what I did was that I asked my friend's sister to voice for me when requested to use a mic. The idea worked and I get more gifts, etc. I was surprised how very easy it was to exploit another.

Know that I've grown out of this. I don't really play online games anymore due to computer tasks, etc.

Jul 18, 17 at 8:35pm


thats a badass idea, i wish i had irl female friends instead of just my roommate.


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