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These sites are so pointless

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Jun 09, 17 at 2:55pm

If no one has any guts to talk to anybody.


Well, at least I'm not a shy one. I've been here for only 1 week and already commented on 5 people's profiles. But whether some of them will finally log in and respond after a year of inactivity is something that I have no control over.

Jun 09, 17 at 10:37pm

I'm guessing you were expecting a vending machine? There are plenty who'll talk and plenty who just lurk. Mostly, it's just the few who actually post in the forums who'll talk. Can't complain so much. I mean, it's not like you're a supporter or even pay a single cent, for that matter. Saying it like that is almost like a bullying technique or at the very least, it just means that you think people should talk to you. Don't like It? Leave. Otherwise, stick with those who are actually active and not people who only come on every few months (Which is the majority, but it is what it is.). I'm sure there are much better sites, I did meet my wife on another much more active site.

Tired of here. Inactive. commented on These sites are so pointless
Tired of here. Inactive.
Jun 10, 17 at 12:40am

Kinda surprising a complaint like this is coming from someone who hasn't posted a single post (that I've seen), yet wonders why nobody is talking to him...

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on These sites are so pointless
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Jun 10, 17 at 1:51am
This account has been suspended.
Jun 10, 17 at 8:11am

Its more the fact that I look at the forum and all I see is people responding to list threads about themselves. Like "hey what do you like?"

You get lots of posts responding to the question... and nothing but that. Just people screaming into an echo chamber but none of the people engaging the other.

Like how the hell do you expect to meet anybody with initiative like that?

Jun 10, 17 at 8:58am

Well, some are taken, some aren't looking and usually those who are looking, they don't seem to usually be all that active. It's a very small site, what do you expect?

last_soul commented on These sites are so pointless
Jun 10, 17 at 1:47pm

Most people here aren´t usually looking for something that special. There are many factors that interfere. Hobbies, distance and responsibility and of course the guts to get into a relationship and try to hold on it. To be fair gettin in a bar and hook up with someone got me more a relationship for a couple of weeks than most of the talk here.
Many people are just tryin to post their shit, get offensed about sth or use this site for anything but dating/real dates to get into a relationship. I wouldn´t worry that much


Lurking is the best medicine.

Jun 12, 17 at 11:59am

To a point. I mean 4chan lurking is the best. Stuff is always poppin.

But when you got a social media site not being all that social. Well, besides "generic statement of opinion that will never be addressed or actively acknowledged."

You just gotta wonder what do people lurk here for? I guess its a good site to create surveys of a sample size of roughly 13 people over a run time of 2 weeks?

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