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These sites are so pointless

What I wonder is why someone that is clearly a lurker himself is questioning why other people lurk. Oh, lemme guess... you're not actually a lurker, right? My bad.
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I met my one true love on this site... I am forever grateful to the owner! Don't give up, it's not pointless
Aug 22, 17 at 10:49pm
I guess? I mean you can use this site for different reasons. For me only reason I don't talk to people, is cause I'm new, I want to get to know the community a bit through the forums, plus I'm not on all that much for now, so having a convo with someone who isn't on at the same time will just drag on for days.
I don't see it as pointless. If you're just trying to dive right into a relationship I'd probably say this isn't the site for you since most people tend to not be actively looking on here but I've made some decent friends and talk to plenty of people. It's not always in a public setting seeing as there's pms but plenty of people to talk to
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Sep 16, 17 at 9:21pm
I don't like talking.
send memes? post pictures of dogs? There are many forms of communication hehe.
I don't think this is a issue of genital size. More like a self esteem problem.
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