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Do you prefer it Shaved, trimmed, waxed or bald?

Exactly. Although, I trim anyways, because I know I don't like choking on hair. So, why should I expect someone else to?
I trim. Stache sometimes gets too long and starts getting in my mouth. Usually I prefer keeping it at a length till which I can twirl it upwards and downwards. Beard is still in progress :')
Massive respect to anyone who can pull this off https://www.denverpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/20160310__DP_NGPS_TypeSetExport20160313_E7_BK13REVIEWBEARDSp1-3.jpg
I'm like I two inches off from being able to do that, if even that much off... Damn beard takes forever to grow, though and I'm not about to shave off most of my beard for one style... Although, I must admit, I do kind of like it. If you like that, you really need to look into all the crazy stuff people do for beard competitions. https://i.insider.com/5be5bd3c48eb124e4a6435b2?width=750&format=jpeg&auto=webp
https://youtu.be/nxA7LeeVRgw https://youtu.be/MQUzLnhlK3k https://youtu.be/lRKK6hk90Ak https://youtu.be/6-1Ue0FFrHY MaiOtaku: "I think Meister looks better without facial hair." Coworkers in my job: "Facial hair looks better on Meister because it makes him more mature." Father: *same with MaiOtaku* Mother: "I call maturity bullshit." Coworker (obviously with heavy beard): "Maturity kills the immature content of yourself that truly makes you yourself!" Me: I would please the majority of Japanese women, but with obsession of accuracy and caution.
MO (except for Amir) and all my irl friends: get rid of your moustache Parents: Nop
*Except for Amir* God damn right you better keep that magnificent stash.
I still can't grow any facial hair except for a pathetic, thin mustache and a sad, sporadic patch on my chin.. >_>
Any month with a "R" in it means I don't shave my face
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