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Do you prefer it Shaved, trimmed, waxed or bald?

I have wondered about this for a while, beards are a world on its own after all. I usually trim my own beard to keep it on shape, have seen some people using wax because their skin gets really irritated when they shave it, so how do you prefer them? For men, their way of cleaning them, for women, the looks?
I trim it short and shave it a bit to even it up. I don't use oils and it's short enough to just clean properly with a bit of water if it gets dirty. I don't mind a full clean shave but it grows back quick and I prefer having some facial hair.
oh this is about beards...well guess I misinterpreted that title
trim/shave for me. Althiugh I had a beard in the past. it was really patchy and then i shaved it all off,because it looked really bad. Sticking to my mustache and gootee for now.
I mean, you can also talk about the other topic as well if you want
I don't use wax and everyone I know shaves. wax is not popular where I'm from although some people here will tweaze/shave their eyebrows.Waxing as far as I've heard is moreso for like arm hair/leg hair. And I don't realky care if a guy is hairy or not beard or not. If they are attractive and a good person that's all that matters to me.No unibrow though. Must have two eyebrows.
9mm beard like parabellum rounds
Wow it's the first time I've seen someone commenting on the uni eyebrow, is it really something that should be tempered with? I have one, it barely connects but it does. In the past I would pluck a bit of the hairs to make them two separate brows, then I figured out the hairs were coming even larger and thicker every time, essentially making it more noticeable... F
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