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Your Favorite MO Users

Jun 09, 16 at 3:09pm
No amount of editing will ever repair what we had ಡ_ಡ OK I forgive you meine Königin.
Where's your list Max? is it too long for the thread with all that love?
Jun 09, 16 at 3:16pm
I fear so. There really are a lot of people I'd have to cover. To everyone who knows me at least a little: You know you can always get a hug, and an honest opionion when you need one. I have to explicitly mention my waifu, though. ♡°☆(ಠೆಒಠಿ)☆°♡
This account has been suspended.
Omigosh I'm on peoples list! Whaaaaaa?!?! Let's see... Mango-chan: she's adorable and uber fun to talk to and my forever stole Mango Kid: when he is around he's just a fun goofball that enjoys yuri and kitsune and kitsune yuri Queen: funny funny funny crazy funny and adorable Sunflower: my BL buddy~ Panda-kun: my stalker... I see you Panda-kun! Pun-san: my yuri body who needs to show up more often! Arc: he's just there and he's hilarious Veru: she's so smart and beautiful Fancy and Fran-chan: they are so nice and friendly and they give me tea and pizza I hardly know anyone tbh but those I do you know ya'll my besties
My favorite people on here: ExiledMerc: cause he's mine and I never expected we'd end up together. Plus he reminds so much of Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic. Queenmeme: She's my MO bff, we need to talk more. Pika-chan: She's nice and funny, I wanna get to know you better. Mango_Mochi: I don't really know you that well, I wanna get to know you better and you seem pretty cool. Roy Mustang: A good friend, we need to talk more. Napalm: Another cool guy, we need to talk more.
I won't be making a list because when I read this earlier today, my first thought was this is going to be a popularity contest on the threads. I would hate to make a list and feel like I left someone out. I appreciate the nice things those of you have said about me and know that I return the sentiments whole heartedly. To some people on here, this place is just to pass the time, the people are no more than social experiments. But everyone's presence here makes this place great for those who keep coming back. And even though there are people whose paths I have crossed and butted heads with, even when they leave, it takes it's toll. I hope no one is here and addicted or here because it's habit when just a few posts from you could cheer up someone's day. TLD(proof)R
I feel bad now... >×< She has a very good point though.
@pika-chan im stalking you all now ;3 jk jk
if I were to make a list it would have to include at least 100 people...and I am too lazy to make it right now, cuz LoL calls but ur all darlings and sweeties and I like u all :D
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