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Something that you hate?

Feb 13, 16 at 11:23pm
Cockroaches. I hate those things with every fiber of my existance! D:<
Feb 14, 16 at 12:31am
I hate feeling ignored :/ its my major pet peeve v.v like, if you read my message, and you're busy. just tell me you're busy. only takes like two seconds. e.e it stems from something that happened with friends a while back >.>
Feb 14, 16 at 12:37am
omg same, if someone ignors me im like wtf i want to be pet lol. but kinda
Feb 14, 16 at 1:02am
Its just like, if you can read the message, then you might as well say you're busy if you are, or if you don't want to talk then just straight up tell me that you don't feel like talking. I'm not going to be offended by it. Its more worrisome to be quiet than to just say something. if I feel ignored I feel like I did something wrong, even if I know I didn't so eh.
I hate being forced to wake up. I will consider myself successful in life when I never have to wakeup at a certain time again. I love sleeping. My goal in life is to be able to sleep whenever I'm tired, eat when I'm hungry and fuck when I'm horny. I have other things I want to do rather than wasting all my time just trying to satisfy base physical needs, mostly working jobs I don't like just to have money to eat and a bed to sleep.
Feb 14, 16 at 2:21am
Being single. I just want to love and be loved by someone but evidently thats too much for me to ask xD
@Justin you are very special and unique. Yo might feel like a big fish in a small pond right now, but it's a big world out there.
Feb 14, 16 at 10:57am
I hate that my laptop is about to blowup e.e probably.
My more petty dislikes are unclean tables, sticky floors, litter, and 'rich' people. All of these make me want to vomit. I went to a whole foods in a wealthy neighborhood and it had all of this.
Two people already said it but cockroaches they are the worse especially the ones that fly o_o. Other than that I suppose liars, annoying people, being ignored, and loud obnoxious people are a few other things I hate.
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