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Hate when your anime or manga become popular?

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Feb 14, 17 at 7:37am

I hate it when an anime I really like or a manga that get's turned into an anime becomes popular. Like I want it to get more seasons or more volumes but at the same time the mass followers that can raid that anime just kill it. You now that toxic fan base and then the wave of haters. It's like moderation is impossible for people. Also yes it's just happened to an anime just now I'm sure you can guess which.


Yeah, I get what you mean. I don't have this just with anime or manga, but also with certain books or movies. If you liked X-men in my childhood you were easily called a nerd, but now everyone knows it. Even common people like the marvel and dc movies that are coming out.
Although this is not a bad thing, but it's harder to guess whether someone is a fellow nerd or just a guy/girl that has watched one or two movies.
I don't want to like something and scream: 'only I can like this!', but some things just don't need to get that popular.

Feb 14, 17 at 9:08am

Yeah I still very much like those kind of shows and they don't devalue very much but it still sucks to see it drained and over used. Not only by the fans but by the industry too they see this one show get big and so they copy it and it starts to become generic. I wish an anime could be popular but also be it's own unique thing for a little bit and if someone copies from it give it some respect. For example sao and .hack I feel like .hack is a little better becasue people didn't blow it up and grind it down to sand.

Feb 14, 17 at 11:04am

i guess if it became watered down by the amount of casual fans or if people start thinking your a weeb for liking it because everyone else does


Well I was following Death Note manga before it became an anime and obviously became legendary in the anime library later on. But I don't mind it being popular cuz its certainly one of a kind and too darn epic not to share. Now some anime like u say can become generic with similar stories..(shounen are typically what get duplicated a bunch: "ooh, weak guy gets stronger and defeats badguy with cool new moves)


I hatw it when they add fillers. Don't get me wrong, some of them are good, but some anime has alot of fillers. I also hate it when they make it to an anime and they end up changing the story.


There are plenty of anime I actually wish could get more attention, but I can relate to an annoyingly popular fanbase. Death Note for example. Started the manga, got three volumes in, suddenly everyone is like "OMG, L!!!" with absolutely nothing to say about the brilliance of the series, decided to stop reading, waited for the fanbase to die down, picked it back up. Same with Full Metal Alchemist. I just feel like when a franchise gets too big, it gets watered down in pop culture, and many of the intricacies and hidden narratives are lost, which makes it hard to actually talk to people about it, which makes it hard to actually enjoy it with others.


As long as I'm still enjoying it then I don't really care whether it becomes popular or not which is often the case when it comes to anime (I wish I could say the same for video games though...). If an anime I enjoy becomes full of fillers and recaps though then I'm fucking done, I have no patience for that shit anymore.


I also hate when they watched 2 episode and all of a sudden the know whats it about.


Actually the one that bugged me the most was Haganai. There was a site Translating the LN and as they got halfway through the second to last LN they got a Cease and Desist order from the company that bought the American Rights.

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