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what's your disability?

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Seems like most people I talk to have at least one. What's yours?

Kuu-san commented on what's your disability?
Feb 11, 17 at 3:25am

I have synesthesia and mild dyslexia. Not anything really all that disabling honestly but they are still technically my "disabilities"

Wasistdas [FALLEN] commented on what's your disability?
Wasistdas [FALLEN]
Feb 11, 17 at 5:05am

Doing a proper conversation.

Loli-ButtCuddles commented on what's your disability?
Feb 11, 17 at 5:50am
This account has been suspended.
Feb 11, 17 at 10:49pm

depression and high anxiety disorder with a sprinkle of mild PTSD ;3

how do you think my memes are so spicy?

Feb 11, 17 at 11:05pm

Physical: Mild case of Cerebral Palsy that affects left-side of body from damage to right side of brain (from stroke at/during birth)

Mental: Mild to severe depression, high anxiety disorder (causes attachment/adjustment issues and low self-esteem) triggered by the palsy

Feb 11, 17 at 11:49pm

My disability? Being able to be interesting while talking... ha...ha...ha...

Mentally: I was depressed for half of my life, but got over it all now. Same with daily anxiety. At times I can get anxious specially if I like someone, but that doesn't happens often. So... I'm clean :)

Feb 12, 17 at 12:03am

I'm retarded........

Feb 12, 17 at 12:34am

Can't hold my feelings or emotions on put. If I don't like something I'll say it even if it cost everything.
I'm just honest and I definitely come out as villain everytime

Feb 12, 17 at 1:15am

huh interesting tales.....

What about you Neet?

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