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same character differnt figs.

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What are your opinions on buying different figures based on the same character? Are there any characters you've collected multiple versions of, or would you consider that weird?

Jan 23, 17 at 7:55pm

Depends on how much I love the character. I prefer to have one merchandise per character.


Depends. I'd like a figurine of Zed from League, but I'd also like his shuriken that spins, his claw that's a keyring etc etc.


Aside from collecting every fig I can based on my waifu, I generally avoid it. Off the top of my head the only ones I can think of that I got are two versions of Marisa and reimu from touhou, two Mugi's from k-on, and some nanoha/fates. oh and a few sabers and a couple mikus too (who doesn't have a few sabers/mikus laying around am I right?). Not long ago for that matter I sold a scale version of a Extra Caster that I never opened once it was announced a figma version was gonna be released. Oh, and I also got two Miho's from GuP I guess.

It's funny though, it's not something I'd prefer to do but listing em off made me realize I had a fair bit more than I thought.

Jan 25, 17 at 1:30am

ugh, buy all the figures

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