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Whats the first thing You'll do after Covid ends?


Ha! As if covid changed a thing for me. Now? People complain from a year of "forced solitude". A YEAR. Again, I say HA! My fear is there'll be a virus that makes it so I actually have to interact. I shudder to think...


Yeah I thought that was pretty funny, people I knew were freaking out. Not fun when it happens to them.


Go play cards again and camp and swim more perhaps even go underwater diving and explore reefs or go to the beach and lay my feet in the sand and get some sun.And of course go to Orlando and ride the new raptor Jurassic park rollercoaster.


Originally had plans in 2020 to go on a pretty big road trip through. . .
Los Angeles, California,
Portland, Oregon,
Seattle, Washington,
and Victoria, Canada.
Mostly worried Canada will try to quarantine me for two weeks if I try to enter their country.


I shall do what I did before.
I will sit in front of my computer all day as I work and seldom go outside.


nothings gonna really change, but i do have a trip to north Carolina planned with my bf and my mom, so I'm looking forward to that


I will express what I will do in the form of song:


My family is planning a day trip for when we're all vaccinated

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