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Weird dreams

Oct 15, 21 at 8:28am
I dreamt today that I was working at a restaurant. Then all of a sudden the toilets in the bathroom started erupting like volcanoes. Water was going everywhere and it was my job to clean up the mess. The female manager kept yipping in my ear that I wasn't fixing the problem fast enough. Kept trying to tell her I wasn't a professional plumber, but she wouldn't hear it. Luckily for her she was extremely attractive or else I'd been cheekier with my comebacks. So the dream ended with me going home late after a long day of fixing toilets and mopping floors. It must have been residual memories of my old job cleaning bathrooms for Kroger. Had to bust out the old fire hose for certain special cases. Then the floor drain would get clogged and then I'd have even more work to do.
Oct 21, 21 at 1:21am
Oct 29, 21 at 9:49am
I dreamt that I was going to hug Hu Tao, but before I could she turned into a ghost and flew away. Probably a sign I won't pull her on the next Genshin banner. What do you guys think it meant?
Just GabrielĀ @gabriel_true I want Hu Tao too.
Oct 29, 21 at 2:13pm
I had a dream recently where I was record shopping with my dad, and stumbled across 2 cool releases. The first one looked like a 12" single for Komi-chan's OP song. The cover had a blue tint to it and featured a photo of Komi and Tadano looking into a puddle by the riverside. The second was a box set for The World Ends With You's OST. The cover was of Neku, doing one of the poses he does after a battle during the result screen. I think Komi was priced at about $12, and TWEWY for $45. Kinda want both of these things tbh. Only in a dream, I suppose. There was also someone else in the store, a woman who was standing on one of the tables and leaping off, sliding on the floor like a penguin. Eventually she ended up breaking through one of the tables across the room doing this and ended up being stuck.
Dec 09, 21 at 9:07am
So last night I had a dream where Arc and I went to my hometown's movie theater. This thing is a relic from the 50s. I don't even think it's open anymore. Prior to being a movie theater, it was an airplane hanger. Anyhoo, in my dream, the seating was all in shambles and almost nonexistent so people who would go would bring in cushions and pillows and just build nests to watch movies. Someone in the projector room had a laser pointer and was fucking around and kept putting the pointer on my ass. Arc kept telling me someone was lighting me up and I didn't believe him until I saw the beam when I moved and I looked up and some guy with glasses was giggling from the window. Looked very much like https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/55e62c8b0dd46aed2fe7f4101f2d5289.png So I shouted "Knock it off you fucking perv!" And then proceeded to continue watching our flick.
Dec 10, 21 at 10:36am
Last night I had a post-apocalyptic dream. People had died, society had broken down. Some of the more evil survivors had some sort of mutation caused by something like the T-virus. They looked perfectly normal and human but could at any moment transform into these morbid monstrosities. Very late Resident Evil feel. Another survivor and I were trapped by some of the mutant survivors and we were looking for a way to escape. All but one of them left, and the one they left behind was weak, looked like a post-apocalyptic geisha. I made a move to attack and somehow got her on the floor. By pressing my knee into her sternum it kept her from transforming, though she was trying, her form vibrating as her skin and whatever was underneath kept bugling and reshaping over her body. She had a hold of my wrists so for some reason I went for her head. Her skin was squishy and I was able to grip the sides of her head through her hair and then her scalp split and I started to peel her head like a banana. It was at that point I woke up at 2:30am. "Welp, fuck that." And proceeded to go watch TV on the couch.
I had three separate dreams but the second one is becoming fuzzy. The first dream had chocopyro, a group of made up people, and me walking down metal stairs of a city street. The group was talking to each, and I was trying to become part of the group but was barely acknowledged. Then I was sitting at an outside table in front of one of those underground burger joints. Chocopyro and another person from the group walked past me and went to a freckled face girl with plantinum blonde hair and asked her something. She smiled and nodded. She took their hands and they ran past me. Choco and the group left me behind and completely disappeared when I was trying to catch up with him and the group. Woke up somewhat depressed before falling back asleep.
The second dream I remember some pieces. I had a tablet and became the only girl in a dorm still being renovated cuz I past some kind of test to be part of this team. Gabriel Iglesias was the teacher of this team. He mentioned how I'm the only female and did what he could to get a separate shower room made for me since only one existed inside the dorm for the boys. When it was finally made I was taking a shower and some of the boys were sniffing the steam by the door trying to know the fragrance of a woman. Fluffy came over and started swinging a whip while yelling, "Back! Back you horny dogs!" The boys ran as fluffy chased them down the hall with his whip. The scene changed and I was in my room on a tablet Fluffy gave me. For some reason something wasn't going right on the tablet that frustrated me. So I laid down on the bed and punched the tablet. It snapped in two and I freaked out. Trying to put it back together I was desperately trying to figure out how to fix my now broken tablet. I then recalled that one of the boys could turn back time from ten minutes back. Unfortunately it took me a day to even find him cuz he went away from the dorm. When I finally found him he said he could turn back time on the damage of the tablet since he couldn't with time itself on us all by then. As he was turning back time on the tablet I woke up again.
My third dream of last night was even more scattered in scenes. I had become the new queen of a country. Of course it went the otome route. I believe four men were supposed to be my route. I came in with one of them to the dance, and had a picnic in the parking lot with another. For some reason those scenes kept replaying like a broken record. Finally a new scene had a woman come over saying this other woman is telling me that I must stick to the prince I walked in with to the dance. My response, "Tell her to stop telling me what to do or by the queen's order she can leave." The scene changed again and I was with the woman who was giving me orders at a shopping district. It was a slow walk since I was in my queenly dress. She was talking about her detective son and how he kept disappearing even when she told him not to and that she was scared for him. We went to the bathroom and she started crying. My lips pursed and I decided to teach this detective how it feels to fear for another when they disappear. Apparently detective was a dragon in a world of dragons and two frickin huge dragons came out of the blizzard and started fighting each other while the detective turned into a dragon and flew around. Snow and bones scattered and flew. I hopped on a third dragon and gave chase into a forest. Woke up after that.
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