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Weird dreams

Sep 22, 21 at 9:13pm
I literally forgot I made this forum with my other account and it existed oop-
Had a dream about I've got the Mew Oreo but yet it's was huge in my dream then when I've woken up was like wut.
Had one last night that jumped between me being in some dorm to being on a date with Ochako Uraraka, then fighting a mecha walker in the same room via Rail shooter style, then fighting AT-STs in the woods and an even bigger super mech walker. I would fly on top of the super AT-ST and it would contain a pool of naked women (for some reason) What does this all mean?
@verucassault While meeting up with my parents for dinner, my mother tells me she had a dream that I got a gig as an undercover cop. Apparently one of my assignments was to get close to a Mafia boss who had a particular interest in lovers. So as part of the sting operation I dressed in full drag with cute pair of stilettos. Then I invited this gang-star bf to have dinner with my parents. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/3/3a/Cloud_dress_2_from_FFVII_Remake_render.png When dessert was finally served, so was the justice! I whispered something into the man's ear and took him to the guest bedroom. After an uncomfortable length of time, my mom got up from the table to check on us only for a squad of fellow crossdressing officers to bust in as backup. I supposedly emerge from the room with the mob boss restrained along with evidence of their crime. It's then one of my partners in the unit debriefed her of what my mission was and that I was the head of a special detective agency of crossdressers who take on any job no matter how risky or dirty! Together with the help of my squad we reveal the criminal underworld's darkest secrets even if we gotta drag them out of the closet to do it. From drug to human trafficking or just a careless dine n' dash, the fashionable fem-men get to the bottom of it! - Upon hearing all this I proceeded to stop eating my meal, set my fork down, took a sip of my drink, before staring her right in the eye until she was as uncomfortable as I'd been listening to that dream that she, my own mother, had had of me. Then I go, "I have something to confess, mom." I pull out my phone, lean over to her, and showed her a clip of South Park. The one where the cop goes undercover in drag and does basically everything from her dream. "That was a great story, mom, but South Park beat ya to it 10 years ago!" https://youtu.be/OTtNXVtph18 Haha, I wish I could be making this shit up! Seriously, my life is absolutely a comedy.
Oct 07, 21 at 7:42pm
@gabriel_true I love that episode. hahaha
I'm glad you appreciated my misadventures of having dinner with my mom. These days I can't tell if she's deliberately fucking with me or not.
Oct 07, 21 at 7:47pm
Sounds like a great mom.
@gabriel_true I have a story about a mother's dream. When I was still in the military, my mother was obsessed with Lego games to the point where she began to dream in Legos. When I left for my first deployment I got a call from her telling me that she was glad I landed safely because she had a dream where I was in Lego plane crash and myself and my fellow soldiers couldn't find all of our Lego body parts at the crash site and we were going to be broken Legos forever.
That's hilarious, but I could imagine that being made into a dark comedy.
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