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Random facts about yourself


With the recent breaking of my foot all I need to do is break my leg and hip and I've pretty much broken bones everywhere... not sure if I should be proud or concerned.

Aug 26, 21 at 11:15am

@criselington oof, hope you recover soon. Sounds rough


Thanks, at least it was my foot and I was able to cast it my self.

Sep 18, 21 at 11:05pm

in highschool i tried to grow dread locks, then after that didnt work i tryed piercing my ears. that didnt work, when you pierce your ears you have to put in earnings right away or it will never heal. i failed at everything in school and skipped school all the time.

Sep 19, 21 at 11:59am

My lunch today consisted of 2 mustard packets and some crackers with a bottle of orange juice.

Sorrow never tasted this real.


Reason why I say Nuggets a lot because when I was 14 years old it started out with Chicken then at age 24 Nuggets many manyyyyyy years later.
Man times has change.

Oct 14, 21 at 1:36pm

Sometimes when I am hungry I like to wait and feel out the gnawing sensation of hunger before consuming.


Sounds like you would do well on a combo of Keto and intermittent fasting. @kuharido

Oct 14, 21 at 6:39pm

i ate dog food like a dog when i was 3, i didnt start talking till i was 3 also.


When I was a young child I did attempt to eat my dog's food. I thought if it was good enough for them it was good enough for me.

Never made that mistake twice.

Beggin' strips don't taste like bacon. False advertising!

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