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Jan 08, 17 at 8:03am

This would be my First Thread
What came into my mind is I would like to know something about you!:)
Are you a feminine/Masculine/Manly/Boyish/Girly type of Guy/Girl?? And in what way?

--> I'd say I'm a Feminine type of Guy.
[face]I'm usually mistaken as a Girl on photos?? (there are times in Rp as well -.-)
[voice] whenever i answer a call on telephone , they would call me "Ma'am"..
( not a m-.. Ok whatever)
Also! Weird but i can make my voice much girly by means of Voice act ! Haha fun to do it..

[some body features?] i am less hairy compared with my brothers. (them thighs o.o and legs e.e)
My hands look like female's eh ..
I remember one of my classmates told me she wanna swap hands with me x.x haha.

[personality/likes/dislikes]..i don't talk like " hey dude ,bro.. Yo!" like what some guys do? .. i like cute stuffs!. And..
Im also judged by the way i type ._.
Ok this is getting too long.

Despite of these .. I also have this quiet,bossy,strict side of me.

Most of these are judged/commented by ppl.

What's yours? >3<

Jan 08, 17 at 8:14am

I joke that I'm a lolisexual. I want to be a 12yo girl that never ages. I'm biologically male with male tendencies but part of my brain and personality is feminine. I've dressed as a girl a long time back and really liked it and felt pretty (but was scared to speak because I'd give myself away). I'm not particularly androgynous but also not big and heavy boned masculine. I don't have lots hair, almost no chest hair and can't grow a full beard or even a proper goatee. Being a girl would suit my personality better too.

Jan 08, 17 at 9:59am

That's interesting to know loli :)

;u; notice me ppl and tell me!. :D


^ id just to like not to age

idk boyish with guys
if theres a guy im attracted to ill act girly
when i get the guy im like a guy again but with a hint of girl

i guess all of them?

Jan 08, 17 at 10:15am

Reminds me of some anime's where boyish girl turns shy/girly to the guy she likes >u<


tsundere turned dandere

you got it

Jan 08, 17 at 10:33am

Exactly ohmy.

Jan 08, 17 at 11:23am

I tend to strike a gender neutral vibe, thanks to my asexual tendencies. I also have those sort of genetics where I age well, meaning I always pass for younger than I actually am. (I'm 2 years from 30, and still get I.D.ed when my friends drag me to bars. Not like I have any incentive to lie, I don't drink.) I don't get mistaken for a girl that often, save for rare incidences where people see me from behind, and don't hear me speak. (I couldn't convincingly fake a female voice if I tried. lulz) Its only really when I'm doing outside activity where my more masculine traits come out. Alert, adaptive, energetic with a commanding presence, and exceedingly calm under pressure. HVZ taught me how to take a lot of latent traits in my personality to their full potential. Like to the point where the zombies always have a bounty on my head when the game starts.

Jan 08, 17 at 8:00pm

Waa that's cool .
Wish i can be more energetic. :0

Jan 10, 17 at 12:20am

Hm well for me, being a trans guy I always get others confused on what my gender is. I kind of enjoy confusing others but I wish I was more manly or something. People have said my features are kinda girly and I have big hips so that kind of gives it away tho -.- I have some feminine interests like make up, sewing and liking cute stuff but I think I'm definitely more of a boy and I love to talk like "hey bro/dude" I find it funny and chill c:

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