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Live Action Cowboy Bebop

Aug 24, 21 at 11:06am


If Spike Spiegel isn't played by Keanu Reeves, I don't want it.


I can’t really see any Live Action Cowboy Bebop actually come close to the original. It may be good, but I say it’s all up to the actors, writers, and directors TOGETHER to make it good. If any of these things are off, we’ll know and judge the hell out of it lmao


Do you think the Netflix adaptation will feature music by Lil Nas X? Everyone loves pop culture references in their live action remakes!


Please god just don't let this show suck. Idc if it isn't great... just don't suck.

I'll by happy af as long as they incorporate episode 5 of the anime into the live action show and include the song "Rain" when Spike is walking up to the church, and "Greenbird" when Spike is, uh... leaving the church... even if they're remixes of the song (can NOT be the male vocal version of Rain).

Actually, it can't be a remix of Greenbird. It has to be the original version. I feel like they will use it since Yoko Kanno is doing the OST for the series.


It can't be good. My nostalgia will gate keep that outcome. Not interested in a live action of anime to begin with.


Death Note LA was so bad, I honestly don't know why they are bothering. Someone needs to tell them anime fans want more anime, not this.


I don't know what you're talking about. Death Note's latest live action was a successful comedy in my book.

They even cast Willem Dafoe as Ryuk!

That's worthy of an A rank listed film if I ever saw one.

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