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Tokyo revengers


Me after watching the last episode of tokyo revengers

Sep 18, 21 at 3:20pm

I just watched it too. But we know Takemitchi didn't die.

If so it would be an amazing anime for sticking to its guns and saying, "nope, the main hero f'd up and that was the end."

Of course, they won't.


The way i see this happening in season 2 is takemichi really did die. Because if we remember he did die to that train in the first episode. But thanks to naoto saving him he was fine in the future. So i anticipate takemichi dies this episode. I havent read the manga but what would have been great is to see him start ALL over.


*straights my BL glasses*

until confirmed otherwise, Inui is and has always been in love with Koko and wants him to forget about his sister because he wants Koko to use him as a replacement


finally caught up with the latest chapter

senju is amazing and i wish she was in the manga sooner, but this manga has a power scale issue thats on par with dragon ball z
(also the latest death hit me harder then any other.... watashi wa kokoro ga itai)


i love quotev (peep my fanfic over there)

i bet dating baji would be fun. hed forget shit like birthdays and anniversaries and stuff, but i bet he'd stick to you like a puppy

draken would be the ideal bf though

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