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Tokyo revengers

Aug 18, 21 at 10:15pm

Here is my take on the time travel mechanic. Takemichi seems to have a foggy memory of his childhood and Hinata initially. The later is interesting considering she was who came to mind as the train was approaching. Almost like his conscious was already shifting. The foggy memory implies to me that in this first episode time travel had necessarily already occurred. We are following the Takemichi that was subject to the displacement from time traveling. This fits with Kisaki seeming to know that he needed to target both him and Naoto from the very start. This creates a bit of a chicken and egg problem. One way this could be spun is that we're actually seeing the end in the first episode. We watch and experience him progressively resolving issues with Toman. In reality it might have progressed the other way with issues being incrementally added by Kisaki.

Aug 20, 21 at 8:18am

Did you know?

Tokyo Revengers Author, Ken Wakui Was Actually A Gang Member

Tokyo Manji gang was inspired from one of the biggest gangs of its time, Black Emperor. A post on Reddit suggests that the author was also part of the Black Emperor gang. A photo can be seen below:

Refer to this article:

Aug 20, 21 at 2:52pm

someone just tweeted that Manjiro Sano's b-day was yesterday *shocked*


kisaki is underappreciated best guy

mikey is the hottest, but kisaki is a more dynamic character


"the time issues wouldnt be an issue if kisaki was dead!"

i mean, no... this can also be said for mikey... hes the true root of the future issues


Is mikey REALLY the problem here? I mean kiseki is basically using him. If mikey dies then toman is over anyway and kiseki can just absorb them. He set this elaborate plan up just to take over toman.

Kiseki is a meh character for me. I havent seen much of him so idk what his personality is like besides being a manipulator. I really hope baji is ok tho he has a cool character.


but thats the thing, if mikey dies touman is over

so no terrible future where touman becomes evil

kisaki isnt even nessecarily evil, he just wants a home, so whos to say that if he ran touman it would still become terrible? whos to say hes the true evil here? (im on chapter 159, so no spoilerino's plox)


baji is best guy after kisaki


Bruh the former moebius gang leader was manipulated by kiseki but because he wasnt as good as mikey, kiseki drops him. So like literally kiseki would just find another person to use.


kisaki is definitely a sociopath, but i feel like theres more to him. that he isnt this big bad guy. that hes doing all of these bad things because maybe hes lonely. idk, just the vibe i get. i think theres more to him

plus i like his eyebrows, they make him stand out

i wonder if the series is gonna end with tachihana or whatever his name is killing mikey. it seems like the only way to save everyone, and we've already seen what a loose canon mikey is to begin with

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