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Tokyo revengers


Idk if this thread has been made already. But this anime is fucking good. Just watched episode 9 and man that shit was epic. The cliffhanger kinda sucks but i really recommend everyone pick this show up if you havent already. Mikey is fucking badass.

Jun 25, 21 at 10:21am

it is fucking good alright


Mannnn im just sad cuz it looks like its ending next episode

Jun 25, 21 at 4:03pm

Guess I'm starting this tonight. I've been meaning to give it a shot all season, just needed a nudge.


Yes definitely watch this anime

Jun 26, 21 at 5:10pm

A bit different than I was expecting, but excellent nonetheless. Might look into the manga as well, idk if I can wait.


You know just watched episode 12 and i was not expecting that ending tbh. That kinda threw me for a loop. I mean i was wondering what happened with kisaki when he ease dropped on akkun and takemichi's conversation. It was almost like they forgot about it. But then this episode. I hope it gets a season 2 honestly. I felt the story of the tokyo manji gang was too short.

Jun 26, 21 at 6:41pm

@hell_hound7 I think I read somewhere that season one is 24 episodes. At least I'm hoping we're going right into more of this for the summer season.


Hmmm i didnt see it on the leftovers list for the summer season. But that would be cool if it is.

Jun 29, 21 at 8:51pm

Just watched the latest episode. Things are really hyping up. I did not expect that car scene.

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