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Jul 06, 21 at 11:15pm
What anime is this from
Jul 05, 21 at 1:23am
I hadn't realized that about Shun. In what episode is he a bully?
Jul 01, 21 at 1:45am
meeehh ;w; if they dont want spoilers they should read the ln >w>/! well, keeping spoilers to a minimum, kumo desu ga is THE best isekai, because it answers so many questions that other isekais don't and it answers them well "why don't they ever miss there family?" "why did they get isekaied?" "how are they coping so well in this weird world?" those are all answered and answered WELL the only bad thing about this franchise are the insufferable humans BUT its clearly satirizing the stereotypical 'im such a good guy uwu' isekai protag with shun. shun was a bully in the human world (not a spoiler shown in the anime) and condoned his friends bullying as well. he is not the good guy and yet he got reincarnated as a fucking prince! but, (spoiler that is actually whats going to damn him to a horrible fate /spoiler) and the dragon girl was a huge bully, BUT ATLEAST SHE GOT HER KARMA BY BEING REINCARNED AS A DRAGON AND ACTUALLY HAD A REASON FOR BULLYING WAKABA but shun? even when he's confronted with the fact that he was a bully he refuses to accept it. and the fact that he got the hero title only solidifies that he will suffer in the end for being a total piece of shit. anyways, wrath is a cute and potymas is a sexy https://i.imgur.com/1GTpSjT.jpg
Jun 29, 21 at 9:28pm
Made a drawing for my Novel. What do you think?
Jul 06, 21 at 11:14pm
Just saw the last episode. It was great. Ima start reading the manga
Jul 05, 21 at 1:22am
I need to check out the latest episode. Been so busy with work I haven't had the chance to watch it. Im so hyped.