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Bleach is Being Continued.


I still have to say that Dragon Ball Z has the funniest filler episodes, especially when Goku and Piccolo have to learn to drive because... why not.


@verucassault Yeah skip that dumbass filler arc and go right to ep 190, which is the real next episode after the Grimmjow fight.

And this is just another reason why Bleach filler arcs should be skipped. Not only do they suck hard, they don't even flow with the original storyline. They're just completely isolated fake stories. That suck.


I assume anyone in this thread has seen past the Soul Society arc, but if you haven't, my below comment is a spoiler!

I wish there was a gif of when Byakuya is talking shit after Ichigo goes Bankai for the first time (That little thing is your Bankai?) because it takes centuries of training for a Shinigami to achieve, and it's one of the highest honors of Captains... and he hears this human claim he learned Bankai in 3 days. These are normally massive, elaborate abilities, and he sees Ichigo's Bankai is just a thin black sword... and he mocks it... then proceeds to get owned in the blink of an eye xD

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