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Bleach is Being Continued.

I still have to say that Dragon Ball Z has the funniest filler episodes, especially when Goku and Piccolo have to learn to drive because... why not.
@verucassault Yeah skip that dumbass filler arc and go right to ep 190, which is the real next episode after the Grimmjow fight. And this is just another reason why Bleach filler arcs should be skipped. Not only do they suck hard, they don't even flow with the original storyline. They're just completely isolated fake stories. That suck.
I assume anyone in this thread has seen past the Soul Society arc, but if you haven't, my below comment is a spoiler! I wish there was a gif of when Byakuya is talking shit after Ichigo goes Bankai for the first time (That little thing is your Bankai?) because it takes centuries of training for a Shinigami to achieve, and it's one of the highest honors of Captains... and he hears this human claim he learned Bankai in 3 days. These are normally massive, elaborate abilities, and he sees Ichigo's Bankai is just a thin black sword... and he mocks it... then proceeds to get owned in the blink of an eye xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9iGrN7byzc
Just over here still waiting for this final arc to be released... https://c.stocksy.com/a/sUC100/za/286370.jpg
Still waiting... https://i.imgur.com/pxsQm1u.jpg
I really enjoyed the first few canon arcs of Bleach, and the arc where they rescue Rukia (21-63) is some of my favourite anime, but it really went down hill fast after that. To be honest, I kinda fell off during the Arrancar arc, as it really felt like a rehash of the 'Rukia rescue' arc but done slightly worse. I'll be interested to see what this new arc is like though, and I might go back and rewatch some of the Bleach highlights. Does anyone have any suggestions for arcs or episodes I should watch or avoid?
Every filler arc is trash but that goes without saying, and personally i think bleach should have ended after the aizen arc, but i guess the last few arcs kinda answer things but like.. idk.. i think Jump forced kubo to keep writing.
@philtehsamuraiwalrus (and anyone else) The filler is shit overall. Some filler arcs are decent, but 90% belong in the dumpster. Bleach minus the filler is right up there with One Piece as my favorite shonen anime. As far as what arcs and episodes to watch, well, just the canon stuff. Any episodes not listed are filler and honestly should be skipped. -The Substitute, eps 1-20 -Soul Society, eps 21-63 -The Arrancar, eps 110-167 (then filler, skip) continues with eps 190-229 -Invasion of Soul Society, eps 266-310 -Lost Substitute Shinigami, eps 343-366 Also, The Arrancar arc introduces one of the best music tracks in the entire series when Kenpachi fights.... ????????? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eC_rzj4SwE This leaves The Thousand Year Blood War arc from the manga that gives plenty of evidence of Ichigo being arguably the 2nd or 3rd most powerful hero in all shonen manga/anime. There's also some crazy jaw dropping stuff involving certain Captains and new characters that will create a Final Release in your pants.
But guys! What about the Live Action Movie? Who's excited for the sequel like I am?
@gabriel_true I didn't know this was a thing but from those pics it looks like twash
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