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Most hype anime fight scenes


@reisenpai66 yeah the 2 most noticeable fight scenes in this anime was this one and mahito. The fight scenes are def epic af. My fave part about this one was the switch between the two and then their attacks hit at the same time

Mar 27, 21 at 3:56pm

I see I am not alone in enjoying Jujutsu Kaisen. Each fight has that good tasting adrenaline rush for me personally! The newest episode was fantastic too!


@gilver I've been hooked to The newest episode.

Mar 29, 21 at 2:15pm

This is fantastic news indeed! As a growing fandom we are unstoppable when we ban together, brother!

I also agree with this past episode raising expectations for the next arc.


It might be my personal bias given my profile picture, but Yusuke vs Toguro has to be one of the most hyped fight in anime history. It took 34 episodes of hype between Toguro inviting Yusuke to the tournament to the actual fight itself. Then when the fight actually happens Toguro pulls this.

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