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KissAnime and KissManga have chosen to permanently shut down.


dont yall find it funny that pirate made this thread? his name makes me think he should already be an expert... XD


excuse me, i am.
i've done this to gain more information out of y'all.
also i only download/crack games. usually stream anime.

This account has been suspended.

it really depends what language you're working with.
i was scripting a game for a little while just to get into it, was really fun tho. especially when there's an error and u just don't know why tf its not working xD ~


I only learned PHP in school. and only the basics.
Its fun to learn programming because you can then make things of your own in the computer world.


This went from pirate of the webibbean to ipirate


Been sailing since 2002 when I switched from dial-up to DSL. Can't believe it's been almost 20 years now. Where have all the years gone? Wow. Time flies when you're at sea.

I taught myself HTML an entire 1 year before my highschool teacher finally started teaching it to me. I was too impatient. I just couldn't wait for the curriculum to catch up with my plans. And man, public schools have such shitty curriculums.
P.S.: We had no WIX GUI service for building webpages back in the year 2000. So I felt like a proud genius. :)


RIP all the based Kinnikuman manga I’ve read there.


Here is the alternative list to kiss manga. I haven't explored all of the alterantives yet but it has some great stuff. Here is the link: https://www.whatsontech.com/kissmanga-alternatives/

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