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KissAnime and KissManga have chosen to permanently shut down.


I had to pirate anime for the first time in several years the other day. Sometimes episodes fuck up on Funimation and won't load. I emailed the company twice. After 3 weeks of nothing, I found it on Youtube and in the comments people were complaining about Funimation. I feel like this is an acceptable form of piracy.

I have the money to not pirate anime now. I would rather throw money their way to keep the English Dub people in business.


The main issue for me is not having anime all in one centralized location. Having beastars on netflix, but mashoku tensei on funimation, but having crunchyroll exclusives on crunchyroll. Now that sony owns both companies im hoping they fuse those two and start having anime streamed on there instead.


Hopefully. I subscribed to Crunchy and was disappointed in their lack of dubs which is why I subbed to Funimation.


pirate sites are impossible to shut down

incase anyone needs the new kissanime link


"the new kissanime link" dude that hella cringe mate xD
also i wanna make a crude comment towards dubs, see if all that money would go to the original creators, we'd see way more seasons 2


My new alternatives are 9anime and Gogoanime.
There are always new alternatives when the old ones which we grew attached to pass away.
The sailing never stops. They'll never drown me.


@kyros96 click the link kyro youll be the 100000th visitor and get a free ipod


if theres any site that has alot of obscure OVAs in their catalog like kissanime did, id really really appreciate it
until then, im stil gonna mourn for the loss


Is there alternative like kissanime from where I can watch the anime or cartoons?

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